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February 2008 Fundraising Newsletter
This Issue: Romance Your Way To Fundraising Success!
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An Easy Valentine's Day Fundraiser
Romance Your Way to Fundraising Success
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Central Baptist Church raises $10,010.00
PRC Touchdown Club raises $9,000.00
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St. Charles Women's Lacrosse raises $4,250.00

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Issue: #21 February/2008

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An Easy Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Easy Valentine's Day FundraiserChocolate is last year's news -- have a fun and creative Valentine's Day with colorful candy that's sure to set hearts afire. With FastTrack Fundraising's heart lollipops, you can give your sweetheart a treat that's not the same old Valentine's chocolates. These heart-shaped sweets carry their flavor for 3-4 hours and are an easy sell for anyone looking to add that something special to their Valentine's gift. FastTrack's lollipops come in the following delicious flavors:

Cherry Cheesecake, Wild Cherry, Cherry Snow, Watermelon,  Red Raspberry, Strawberry Shake, Bubblegum, Cinnamon, and Grape.

Each case of heart-shaped lollipops allows up to 55% profit for your organization's vital funds. More importantly, they're a great gift that everyone will love. Couples can put it in their flowers and cards while teachers can give them out to students to join in the fun. They're affordable, fun, and capture the spirit of the season!  Make sure to place your order by Feburary 6th to ensure on-time delivery.

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Plan Your 2008 Fundraising Strategy!

Valentine's Day FundraiserOctober's got Halloween, November's got Thanksgiving, December's got Christmas, but we all know that the time for love is February: Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is all about spending time with the people you love while mixing in fun and romance; that leaves the door wide open to plenty of creative fundraising ideas. With the right mix of volunteers and talent, you can help create the perfect Valentine's Day while generating plenty of funds for your organization. Here are some ideas.

Singing Valentines: Sure, it's a little old-fashioned, but who doesn't get a kick out of a singing Valentine? If you've got talented people on your staff -- or if you can recruit volunteers with great singing voices -- this fundraiser is easy to set up. On the talent side, you'll need to rehearse the songs and get any costumes or props you want. On the logistical side, you'll need to establish a price point that covers transportation costs and delivers a profit, along with a reasonable schedule and delivery area for your performers.

Chocolates and flowers: Looking for an effective fundraising partner for Valentine's Day? Try your local florist or candy shop. Chances are you'll find them more than willing to help out a worthy organization, and the possibilities are limitless. From roses to Valentine's cards to chocolates, there are so many different ways to say "I love you" that all it takes is some creativity to find the right fit for your organization. Participating shops often are willing to donate some -- or if you're lucky, all -- of the profits to your organization, so get on the phone and see who you can partner with!

Valentine's Ball: It wouldn't be romance without a dance under the lights. Selling tickets to a Valentine's Ball is a great way to raise funds, and ancillary methods (raffles, games, couple photos, etc.) can generate even more profit. Plenty of Valentine's events occur every year; with the right connections, your organization can act as a sponsor to reap the same benefit without the logistics that come with organizing an event.

Valentine's gift auctions: If you're not sure who to peg down for a Valentine's event sponsor, here's an idea that can get everyone involved. Ask your sponsors to donate gifts -- romantic items, restaurant gift cards, movie tickets, and much more -- and put them up for auction to raise funds. With the Internet, you can get bids from anywhere in the world, and all it takes is a simple setup. Charity auctions can even be performed online through eBay. With some tech smarts and the good will of donors, you'll get fundraising bids in no time.

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Did You Know ...
    Singing telegrams are now getting high-tech. Some companies even record them digitally to be sent via email.

    Of all the holidays throughout the year, Valentine's Day represents the largest volume of fresh-flower purchases in the United States.

    The top ways to celebrate Valentine's Day? Hallmark's stats show that greeting cards take the top spot while a romantic date night is close behind, followed by candy, flowers, and gift cards.

    Americans sure love their candy. The Census Bureau found that on average, each American eats about 24 pounds of candy each year -- with a significant amount consumed around Valentine's Day!

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