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January 2008 Fundraising Newsletter
This Issue: Plan Your 2008 Fundraising Strategy!
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FastTrack's New Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Plan Your 2008 Fundraising Strategy!
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Saginers Steelers Youth Football Fundraised $2,000.00
Northeast Elementary PTO Fundraised $10,000.00
St. Paul Ame Church Fundraised $576.00
Kappa Alpha Order Fundraised $8,962.40
Grace Fellowship Church Fundraised $1,550.00

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Issue: #20 January/2008

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FastTrack's New Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Gourmet CookiesJanuary's one of the coldest months out there, which makes oven-fresh cookies all the more inviting. Now FastTrack Fundraising offers businesses and individuals a way to enjoy these delicious favorites while helping your organization raise funds. Introducing Gourmet Cookie Dough, a savory bite of succulent sweetness and delectable delights! With Gourmet Cookie Dough, you'll get:

  • A selection of 12 delicious flavors, including walnut, M&M, and old standbys such as peanut butter and chocolate chip.
  • Long-lasting dough -- each package stays good at room temperature for 21 days, in refrigeration for six months, and in the freezer for a year.
  • Up to 55% profit on each tub of dough
  • An easily sold product -- who doesn't enjoy a tasty cookie?

Gourmet Cookie Dough is the perfect way to create a general outreach and fundraising program because, let's face it, everyone loves cookies! Your possibilities include schools, supermarkets, churches, businesses, sporting events, and much, much more. With such universal appeal, you'll find new ways to raise funds around every corner.

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Plan Your 2008 Fundraising Strategy!

Fundraising StrategyThe new year is here, and with 2008 comes a world of fundraising possibilities. As with most businesses and organizations, January is a time for planning the fiscal year ahead. While fundraising during the first month of the year can still be done, it's also a smart idea to look at the big picture and create a game plan for the next 12 months. Here are a few things to consider when looking at the year ahead:

  • Seasonal fundraising: As the weather changes, so do the needs of the people. You can tailor your fundraising plan for each season. It can be as simple as picking a theme for one fundraiser per quarter (cozy for winter, outdoor for summer), or you can look at the different possibilities involving local seasonal events and charities.
  • Holiday themes: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day; people sure do love their holidays, and they are the perfect motivation to get people in the mood for fundraising. Mark your calendars for the big Hallmark holidays ahead and look at your fundraising possibilities -- anything from singing valentines to bake-a-thons for Thanksgiving. Start brainstorming now to capture the spirit of each holiday.
  • Local events: Part of fundraising is maintaining a high profile, and a good way to do this is to support local events throughout the year. Whether it's sponsoring a high school football game or hosting a benefit concert with local rock bands, there's a world of opportunity around. You'll find that community support is often more than generous; moving forward, the best thing to do is to get an idea of the events that fit your organization best and start making contact early to take advantage of that publicity.

Above all, it's important to set goals along with your plan. This gives your staff and volunteers tangible metrics to gauge success; it also allows you to see where you may need more help or where things can be streamlined to optimize processes. With smart planning, a thorough look ahead, and strong milestones and goals, you'll get a great start on making 2008 a successful year in fundraising.

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Did You Know ...

- A new AFP study shows that nearly 30% of homes switch between donating and not donating from year-to-year. That means if someone on your contact list didn't donate over the past year, there's a good chance they'll change their mind in 2008.

- Statistics show that 2007's donations during the holiday season don't quite match up to the year prior. The reason for this? A lot of the signs are currently pointing to the recent housing crisis.

Some quotes to motivate you for the new year:

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day." -Edith Lovejoy Pierce

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice."  -T.S. Eliot

"New Year's Day is every man's birthday."  -Charles Lamb

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If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters, let us know!  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.

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