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June 2007 Fundraising Newsletter
This Issue: Building Trust with Donors
& FastTrack's New Info Kits
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Building Trust with Donors
New Fundraising Information Kit
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Issue: #13 June/2007

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Building Trust with Donors

Building Trust with Donors"Well, what do you guys do?" If your organization doesn't have a notable public identity, this question may come up more than you'd like when trying to raise funds. It's a critical question, of course - how can people expect to donate to something they don't fully understand? Educating potential donors about both your purpose and your organization are important to getting any fundraiser off the ground. Here are three simple ways to clarify what you do and why it's so important.

1. Prepare Informative Collateral to Distribute
Flyers with nice graphics may attract a crowd, but they don't necessarily provide substance. When people come to your fundraising event, it's important to let them know why their funds are needed and where their funds are going. Informative collateral - in the form of a tri-fold brochure, data sheets, FAQ sheets, and more - is the perfect way to quickly reach a new audience.

2. Publish an Annual Report

For bigger organizations, an annual report is a quick way to establish credibility and generate publicity. Unlike corporate annual reports, a non-profit or NGO annual report should highlight the what, how, and why of accomplishments, giving the reader a good sense of organizational mission and execution.

3. Contact the Local Media
You don't have to be a multi-million dollar operation to get publicity. Simply contact the local editors of your daily and weekly newspapers, explain what your fundraising event is and - more importantly - your organization. Getting mainstream press delivers instant credibility while reaching a whole new level of audience.

Having a good cause and a solid purpose is one thing - getting people to trust you is another. Remember, people are donating their hard-earned time and money; the smartest, most effective way to convince them to do so is to build trust and credibility with them. Once that starts, the fundraising money will follow.

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FastTrack's New Fundraising Information Kit

Fundraising Info KitIs your organization looking for new, effective, and innovative ways to generate funds but just not sure which way to go? Contact FastTrack Fundraising today and we'll send out our new Information Kit to answer all your questions. With the FastTrack Information Kit, there's much more than just a few ideas for fundraising; from information to analysis, you'll get:

    A comprehensive overview of over 10 different  fundraising programs
    Sample fundraising cards
    Specific benefits of each program, including potential profit per program
    Easy-to-use steps and suggestions for executing fundraising programs
    Detailed descriptions of customizable options
    Real-life success stories that show how organizations just like yours can benefit from FastTrack Fundraising's programs.

FastTrack Fundraising's Information Kit is the ideal way to create an effective fundraising strategy. With an in-depth review of each program's specifics, it's easy to identify the pros and cons of each program as it pertains to your organization. From food and candy to ever-popular discount cards, it's almost certain that you'll find a program that fits right in with your organization's time and budget needs.

Thanks to FastTrack Fundraising's Information Kit, a whole world of proven and effective fundraising possibilities is now at your fingertips, all in a simple, easy-to-read format. It's the perfect way to present creative fundraising ideas to a fundraising director or your organization's board - or even to hand out at brainstorming meetings.

Get on the road to fundraising success by ordering your Free  Information Kit now -  request it online or call 1-866-432-7838 today!

 ?! Did You Know ...

In November 2006, a Forbes article listed the top 200 charities in America. On average, the charities had a 90% fundraising efficiency (that is, the percentage of donations/gifts left after subtracting the cost of getting them).

Forbes also recommends that any organization with a fundraising efficiency of less than 70% re-think its fundraising strategy.

Topping the list of Forbes largest charities: Mayo Clinic, Salvation Army, YMCA, United Way, and Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Quotes about fundraising and philanthropy from two of the world's richest men:

Paul Allen: When it comes to helping out, I don't believe in doing it for the media attention. My goal is to support the organizations that need help.

Bill Gates: Is the rich world aware of how four billion of the six billion live? If we were aware, we would want to help out, we'd want to get involved.

FastTrack Fundraising is committed to helping school groups, sport teams, churches, and nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals with fast, easy fundraising solutions.

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters, let us know!  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.
The FastTrack Fundraising Team
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