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March 2007 Fundraising Newsletter
This Issue: Motivating your Team & Online Fundraising
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Motivating Your Fundraising Team
The New World of Online Fundraising
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Issue: #10 March/2007

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Motivating Your Fundraising Team
Motivating your fundraising team You've assembled the team, prepared your materials, and your fundraising campaign's off to a great start - so doesn't everyone seem happy and excited? When campaigns begin, almost everyone gets on board with enthusiasm, but it's easy to lose that sense of urgency - and fun - as time goes by. Here are three surefire ways to get the most out of your fundraising team:

1: Set different goals and give regular updates
Milestones are important in any aspect of life. They break things up into achievable segments and provide a finish line to shoot for. When it comes to fundraising, set a variety of goals, both big and small. When your team gets close to one, make sure everyone knows about it, and then celebrate as a team when you get there.

2: Give incentives
Everyone likes winning prizes and it's easy to have incentives that fit your budget. Many affordable items, such as pizza coupons, tickets, and gift cards, can give your team the extra boost they need to achieve your goals.

3: Stay positive and have fun
Nothing keeps the human spirit more motivated than one simple word: fun! If your team is enjoying themselves, then they'll approach fundraising with enthusiasm every time. Think of ways to keep things fresh and fun - anything from awarding silly prizes for the top fundraiser to offering upbeat, positive praise. When individuals truly become a team, they look for each other, care for each other, and laugh with each other - and then anything is possible.

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The New World of Online Fundraising
New World of Online Fundraising It wasn't too long ago when fundraising just involved car washes and magazine sales. After the internet revolution of the past decade, things have changed, and a brave new world is available for fundraising. Online fundraising comes with many benefits including a worldwide reach, instant communication via email, and more choices than ever before.

FastTrack Fundraising is here to help you jump right into this new world with three unique opportunities that offer simple, fun, and effective online fundraising:

Magazines: Raise funds while offering your friends and family the magazines they want at a great price. FastTrack Fundraising sets up your own personalized store with subscription rates up to 85% off normal rates. Simply email your friends and family and your organization will start receiving monthly checks with 40% of proceeds - it's that easy! Find Out More ...

Credit Cards: These days, credit cards are almost a necessity thanks to online shopping and membership requirements. Now you can help your friends and family fulfill this need while raising funds for your organization. Just set up a web page through FastTrack Fundraising and let everyone know about it; you'll get $15 for every application that clears AND you'll give your friends and family what they need. Find Out More ...

Fund-A-Thon: With online donations, fundraising can now be done fast, secure, and convenient. Just register with FastTrack Fundraising and you'll get your very own web page that shows donators how close you are to your goal. There's no more digging around for a checkbook or asking for cash; with the Fundathon, it's just a few simple clicks and donations are transferred via a secure server towards your goal. Find Out More ...

Did You Know ...
    Some studies have shown that it requires an investment of 15 to 25 cents for every dollar raised while others claim it takes about 50 cents for every dollar.
    In the year 2000, an independent study showed that 59% of American non-profits did not report any fundraising expenses to the IRS.
    Winston Churchill once said, "You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give." That's something to consider when approaching fundraising.
FastTrack Fundraising is committed to helping student groups, schools, sport teams, and churches reach their fundraising goals with fast, easy fundraising solutions.

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters, let us know!  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.
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