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In our most recent ENews sent last week, I promised to not let our next

release be as delinquent as the last. So, here you go.


Looks like tropical storm, Don, will make landfall later this evening and though he does not appear to have enough steam to drive much rain well into the interior of the state, perhaps our south Texas rangelands will get a nice drink of water. We'll keep our fingers crossed. 

I made a quick trip to Midland last night to attend the West Texas Chapter

of the Safari Club International. My good friend, Cal Hendrick, is an active member in this Chapter and he's been after me for awhile to attend one of their events. I had a great evening, seeing a few friends and acquaintances, and making some new ones.


The West Texas Chapter of SCI only comprises approximately 160 members but they host a banquet each year that is called their West Texas Hunters' Extravaganza. Last year they raised over $500,000 and their banquet was attended by approximately 700 sportsmen. They have a history of contributing dollars to some great conservation projects including $50,000 that went toward our pronghorn research and restoration project in west Texas earlier this year.




This is yet one more example of a user-pay system that illustrates how hunting has largely capitalized our abilities to manage wildlife resources in North America for well over 100 years.  The recovery of the country's wildlife resources from the onslaught of the 1800's is arguably one of the greatest achievements that the U.S. has ever attained, and it is a product of hunter/conservationists stepping up to the plate and carrying the load. May we never lose our hunting markets and hunting economies, as the consequence will be devastating for wildlife and our natural resources of this great country. If you enjoy and appreciate wildlife, hug a hunter!



Peace Out,


Greg Simons 
               Whitetail Hunts Available

It is not too late to book a whitetail hunt with us for this year. Here are a few options we still have available.


tom  rob  


H. Yturria Ranches

          * Trophy ($5,500)     3 - 4 openings

          * Classic ($2,500)    several openings


La Rucia Ranch

         * Trophy ($6,600)     1 opening


Longbranch Ranch

         * Trophy ($3,995)     2 openings


Upper Oxbow Ranch

         * Classic ($4,500)    several openings


5 Gray Ranch

         * Trophy ($3,495)     several openings


O Cross Ranch

         * Trophy & Classic   several openings


We also have a few unlisted properties with some exceptionally big deer scoring well over 170 inches, so feel free to inquire on those openings.

Hunting Lease


Hunting lease available near Pumpville, TX., located in Val Verde County. Two buck per hunter county. Close ranch access just off the main highway. 10,000 acres...comes with nice house and cleaning facility (no walk-in cooler). Harvest is allocated to 15 mature bucks, 15 does and quail hunting. No livestock on the ranch in the last 10 years. Was not leased last season. Hunting time frame is from the beginning of deer season through the end of quail season. Price is $40,000...50% due upon agreement, remaining balance due on Sept. 1, 2011.  




pump deer 

May We Borrow Your Brain Power?
It is important for us to have good insight into what our clients and prospective clients are looking for in possible future hunts that they may consider attending. We realize that most of you maintain a busy schedule, but we would like for you to consider answering the following questions for us so that we can evaluate what the general market place is doing.

1. Which of the following might best describe your whitetail hunting interest?
a. Same level of interest as ever.
b. Less interest than I used to have.
c. More interest than I used to have.

2. Which of the following might best describe your possible interest in whitetail hunting on high fenced properties?
a. Would never consider booking a whitetail hunt on a high fenced property.
b. I have no hesitation on booking a whitetail hunt on a high fenced property.
c. I would consider booking a high fenced whitetail hunt as long  as the property is of a certain size.

3. If you answered "c" on the last question, what is the minimum acreage you would consider booking a high fenced whitetail hunt on?

Feel free to elaborate with any other information (class of deer, geographic location, etc.) that will help us to provide you with the exact Texas whitetail hunt you desire.


July 29, 2011 
Wildlife Systems, Inc.
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To secure your booking, a 50% deposit is required. Balance due 30 days prior to the hunt. Credit card payments are acceptable, but amount will be adjusted by 3%. On any trophy fee hunts, such as some exotics, where final payment takes place at time of hunt, payment must be made in the form of cash or credit card. No exceptions, please.

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