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I apologize that we are tardy in getting you this ENews. For it to be our "off-season," it sure has been busy over the last few months. 


We helped host a membership event in San Angelo in early June for 
Texas Wildlife Association , and we enjoyed a full house attendance at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts with 200 very enthusiastic folks. WSI staffers David Griffith, Ruben Fernandez, and Charles Good did a jam up good job with the meal. Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples and State Representative, Drew Darby, both provided some commentary, largely reviewing this past legislative session, with emphasis placed on relevant TWA matters. Wildlife Specialist, Dr. Dale Rollins and TWA CEO, Gary Joiner, both provided great programs that entertained and enlightened the crowd. Approximately 35 new members joined as a consequence of the event.


Later in July, my family took an Alaskan cruise vacation. Wow, what beautiful scenery along the Alaskan and Vancouver coast line. Excursions at Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan provided for a really outstanding trip, and plenty of time to relax, read, and write, while on the ship, made for a great experience with my family. 


Next was the TWA convention at the J. W. Marriott in San Antonio, which was attended by approximately 1400 people. We always make this a bit of a family mini vacation, but with my officer duties, there was not much down time. The event was a tremendous success in many ways. Talk about a cast of  great speakers, the attendance was privileged to hear programs from former First Lady, Laura Bush, Texas Ag Commissioner Todd Staples, and Texas Comptroller Susan Combs. Additionally, incoming TWA President, Glen Webb, provided a standing ovation program that was extremely inspiring. 


Then, my brother, dad, and myself took a  trip to Colorado for some special time together. There is a natural spring site in the Uncompahgre National Forest with the namesake of one of my grandfather, Gilliam


Springs. My brother and I had not been there since we were kids, some 41 years ago, when our grandfather took us up there after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. To finally get back up there was really special and to find our grandmother's name, Anna Ruth Gilliam, etched in an aspen tree, dated 1954, was a bit moving, to say the least. I was only 6 years old when PawPaw took us up there, but it's amazing how certain images came back, just like it was yesterday. Wow, how time really does slip by and how precious each day is of our life. 



It's been a hot summer to say the least. Though we still have plenty of "off-season" chores to get done between now and our fall hunting schedule, I'll be the first to say that the first cool front that moves southward through the Concho Valley will find open arms at my house. 
You have my promise, we'll get our next WSI ENews to you a bit more promptly this next go around. Till then, take care, and try to stay in the shade.


Greg Family


Peace Out,


Greg Simons 
         Simons Elected as Secretary of
              Texas Wildlife Association                 

WSI owner, Greg Simons, was recently elected as Secretary of


TWA at the organization's convention in San Antonio earlier this month. Attorney, Glen Webb, was elected as President, Texas A&M University faculty member, Dr. Neal Wilkins, was elected as Vice President, and Marko Barrett, whose family owns ranches in south Texas, was elected as Treasurer. TWA is an organization of over 5,800 members serving as an advocacy group for private property owner's rights, as well as working to ensure the future of our hunting heritage in Texas, while also working toward literacy on natural resource issues. 

Flippin' with Fernandez


As most of you are aware Ruben is the glue that holds WSI together in the field. He is the very sinew/connective tissue that keeps our moving parts moving efficiently.


Being the multitasker that he is. He is defined as a welder, carpenter, plumber, painter, mechanic, gps specialist, hunting guide, snake wrangler, nilgai bulldogger, bilinguist, camp cook, mixologist, well-known international professional guide, and a few other terms the FCC will not allow me to elaborate on.


What few of you know is that in another life, Ruben was a professional bass fisherman. He hosted his own show titled "Flippin with Fernandez"....Ruben, with his trusty homemade, green fiberglass kayak traveled the great state of Texas in pursuit of trophy bass. His show was well-received on local cable stations from San Angelo to Laredo and over to Cuidad Acuna. It did especially well with the international crowd as Ruben commonly interjected his bilingual language skills from english to spanish...especially when he lost big fish. Note: Some of you may have first hand experience of hearing these bilingual skills especially following your miss of a large whitetail, mule deer, or nilgai.


With that being said we felt it was time to share some of Rubens fishing experiences from this past summer. Enjoy.


West Texas Aoudad Hunt
  trail aoudad


We conduct the majority of these hunts on two large properties near Alpine and 

Marathon, TX. One ranch encompasses almost 200,000 acres, and the other even larger than that. This is big, raw, unspoiled country, very well suited to a sheep's liking.  


Our package includes 3.5 days, and 4 nights, with guide, lodging, meals, and game care included as part of the package. Facilities are modest, but plenty adequate.

Our 2 x 1 guided hunts are priced at $3995, and our 1 x 1 hunts are $4495. Nonresident licenses are $48 and are guaranteed, with no drawing or lottery. Over the last 3 years, we have had a great run on big sheep, with well over 50% of our harvest including rams over 30". Success rates on having shots at mature rams approach 90%. But, make no mistake; this is not a fish shoot. This is most well suited for a hunter looking for a sporty, challenging experience in big wild terrain, chasing extremely wary animals. Big time hunting, at a very reasonable price.
These hunts can be conducted throughout much of the year, but the most popular time periods are September through mid- November, and January through April. If you are looking for a great off-season option, here you go.
Yturria Ranch Exotic Special


For any of you who are looking for an outstanding incentive to book an exotic hunt on the historic H. Yturria Ranch, check out these three special offerings below. 


hunt special  


Zebra Special

* 2 day, 2 night package including meals, lodging, and guide.

* Price: $2,600

* Savings: $490

* Harvest quota limited to 6 at this price.


Wildebeest Special (White-bearded Gnu)

* 2 day, 2 night package including meals, lodging, and guide.

* Price: $3,100

* Savings: $490

* Harvest quota limited to 4 at this price.


Tri-fecta Package

* 3 day, 3 night package including meals, lodging, and game care.

* Daily fees - $295 per hunter per day or $885 total. Plus trophy fees.

* Harvest nilgai bull ($2,595) and 2 of the following, and receive a 50% discount on the nilgai.

***Scimitar Horned Oryx bull - $2,000.

***Scimitar Horned Oryx cow - $1,500.

***Red Lechwe - $3,700.

***Gemsbok - $4,400

***Zebra - $2,500

***White-bearded Gnu - $3,000 



1. First come, first serve, limited by harvest quota that we have in place.

2. All Special Priced hunts must be booked before Aug. 15, 2011 and hunt must be taken by January 1, 2012.

3. Deposit confirms reservation.

July 22, 2011 
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