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"When it's time to relax...."
I must admit, I'm looking forward to summer. No, it's not the 100 degree weather that I long for, but simply some time to chill. It's been a long run since last August when we began ramping up for the fall schedule. Between hunts that have been going on almost nonstop since early September, marketing hunts for this year, spending some extra time on our "Real Hunts with Real Hunters" video series, as well as considerable volunteer time with my officership in Texas Wildlife Association, I must admit that it has been difficult to remain focused over the last several weeks.

We all need an occasional cessation in our hectic pace. It can sometimes be difficult to pull yourself away from your routine, but by doing so, this can provide a battery recharge that makes us more productive at the end of the day, and allows us to keep our sanity. We seem to have this nature to push harder and harder. Even Gandhi claimed, "There is more to life than its speed." So, let's take a deep breath, slow down, and recognize that it's okay to relax.

I'm headed down to the Devils River this weekend with a couple of comrades. They will turkey hunt and fish, and I'll probably just cook some good camp food, read a book, and relax.

Hope you find some time to take a reprieve from your daily chores and pressures. Please let us hear from you if we can assist with any possible hunting travels.

Greg Simons 

WSI's Ranch & Wildlife Consulting Services


Perhaps one of the lesser known qualities of Wildlife Systems, Inc. is our ranch and wildlife management services. With two full time wildlife biologists on staff we spend many hours consulting for private landowners throughout the state of Texas.


Typical projects we assist landowners with include helicopter surveys for whitetails, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope. Construction of wildlife management plans for various TPWD deer management permits, and the certification of scientific breeder pens. In addition we are frequently asked to provide consultation for the 1-d-1 Ag/Wildlife tax valuation.


For those of you who are ready to take your property and wildlife to the next level, now is the time to schedule fall surveys, write management plans, and file paperwork as the hunting season will be upon us quickly.

Survey 2010

WSI Video's, Real Hunts with Real Hunters 


Well, here we go into month number six of our WSI videos. We have covered the gamut of species from aoudad to nilgai, and whitetails to mule deer. Our goal was/is to produce informative hunting videos about WSI, our people, our product, and most importantly, give credit to the real hunters who choose to hunt with WSI. To date, so far so good, we are extremely pleased with the results. Our unsung hero, has been "Pecos Ben" the cameraman, who has traversed, a couple of times, the great state of Texas to capture each of these hunts. He has served as cameraman, editor, creative music specialist - providing banjo, guitar, and harmonica sounds for each video, wild game packer, butcher, and all-around gateman. Not bad for a guy with a degree in Motion Picture and Television Production. Ben has recently taken his talents to the crew at Duck Commander to conduct a little free-lance work. Last word we got he was eating crawfish, filming commercials, and busting beaver dams in Louisiana.


We will continue posting video's throughout the summer. Take a look at our Feb. 2011 aoudad hunt in west Texas. This hunt took place during the great ice storm of 2011.

2011 Aoudad Hunt
Whitetail Openings

We still have several great options for quality whitetail hunts for this fall. Please make note that we have created a new price schedule for the OCross ranch for this next season. Base price of $2500 includes a 4 day hunt with meals, lodging, and guide (1x1), with a $1000 harvest fee. If the buck gross scores over 140", there is an additional $100 per inch charge.


So, this provides you with the latitude of being able to shop around for the right buck, without fully committing to the normal cost of a trophy hunt. This 2,500 acre high fenced property is on a free choice feed program, with several food plots, and we will have great carryover of some nice bucks into this season. Below are photos of bucks harvested from the OCross.


Be sure to go to our website and check out the Photo Gallery for photos from last season on the various whitetail properties we hunt.


O Cross Deer



If you are in the market for a great, year-around hunting lease, you may want to take a look at this. Comprising 13,610 acres, this property sits in the heart of well over 50,000 acres of country that is managed for wildlife and hunting, much of which is under the same ownership.


Quality deer, excellent quail, and limited turkey numbers are the primary game here. This landowner has received many awards for his range management practices, and you will not likely find any property that is in better shape from a range health standpoint in this area of the state. Additionally, there is an excellent blend of both open areas and brushy areas that quail hunters and deer hunters will find appealing.


A campsite is already established consisting of two small cabins, as well as a cook shack, with these facilities being unfurnished at this time. These are modest facilities and will require very little front end work to get them up to speed. There is a walk-in cooler for storing deer, but the refrigeration unit does need repair at hunter's expense.


Property is under a Managed Lands Deer Permit, which provides an extended season running from approximately October 1 through January 31. Lease price is $3.96 per acre. A total harvest allotment of 18 bucks is provided with number of does being determined by fall helicopter survey. This is an excellent deer/quail combination lease.


Sterling County

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Please be aware that our payment and cancellation policies are rigid, especially regarding cancellations. Bottom line is once your booking is confirmed through a deposit, if you do happen to cancel for any reason, monies will only be refunded if we replace your spot at full price, less a 10% administrative and cancellation fee.


Travel Insurance


To protect your financial investment, you may want to consider purchasing travel or trip cancellation insurance. One such company that offers coverage is Sportsman's Travel Insurance through Travel Guard, which can be accessed by going to our website and clicking on their link at the bottom of our home page. Advantages are offered by purchasing insurance within two weeks after deposit is paid, so you may want to plan ahead. Additionally, there are other ancillary benefits associated with this coverage such as medivac, lost luggage, and more, so check it out.

Apr.14, 2011 
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To secure your booking, a 50% deposit is required. Balance due 30 days prior to the hunt. Credit card payments are acceptable, but amount will be adjusted by 3%. On any trophy fee hunts, such as some exotics, where final payment takes place at time of hunt, payment must be made in the form of cash or credit card. No exceptions, please.

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