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July 2012
Anyone can dabble, but once you've made that commitment, your blood has that particular thing in it and it is very hard for people to stop you
Bill Cosby 

I have the privilege of interacting with a lot of successful people, in all walks of business and life and distilling their success secrets leads to some common denominators.

One of those is commitment.

Some successful people describe this strength as hard work. Some refer to it as personal responsibility. Some call it focus. Often this strength is defined by them as decisiveness - quick to decide, slow to change. Many times it is described as persistence.

And although there are differences and nuances in each of these strengths and in how individuals apply them in their own lives, there is a root origin.  Each person's definition of their strength, be it hard work, responsibility, focus, decisiveness, or persistence, is grounded in the act of commitment.

"Time doesn't change things. You have to do that yourself"

People that read the word 'commitment' and have feelings of anxiety, dread, or general discomfort, have not yet experienced the peace, and maybe even joy, that successful people say comes from putting a stake in the ground. Commitment in it's truest form, doesn't let you go. All other options are immediately, 'off the table'. Although that can make some people uncomfortable as they begin to think about 'what if's?', people that CAN commit often refer to it as an easier and more exciting way to live. Distractions, uncertainty and fear of failure are eliminated. Within this opportunity they commit to, they are single minded.

"I was a single Mom on welfare but I decided all my kids were going to go to college."

People that commit, express their faith and choose to stand on that faith. They must believe in a specific outcome. How to achieve that outcome, is never known at the beginning of the journey. Only later, looking back, do people get to marvel at how their focused, emotional visualization, actually organized time and space to materialize the 'hows' needed to create their desire.

"The more we commit, the more opportunities show up"

Happiness, jobs, fitness, love, money, vacations, families, trains, planes and automobiles; Your choice materializes from an unwavering  commitment to a specific outcome.

"I decided early on that I wanted more things out of life and I was going to have to work for them. I decided to be a millionaire by forty."

Find out for yourself. Ask someone you define as successful their secret to success. As they share their story, somewhere in it they will talk about commitment. It will sound something like, 'Failure was not even an option.'
Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down 

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