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April 2012
Sparks Fly!
Your spark can make a connection and that can change everything

Take a moment for yourself - to dream.

There are obviously many logistics to running and building a business; leadership, service, communication, decision making, money management, product development, team building, sales and passion. And you and I know that the list goes on and on.

But with this Sparks Fly! it is passion that I want to remind you to focus on. And to do that, I want to introduce you to a maybe unlikely businessperson, children's author, Dallas Clayton.

Mr. Clayton is passionate about writing children's books. And the message he wants to spread to all of us, is the importance of dreaming BIG dreams.

His own dream was to write a book. He did, An Awesome Book. But no one wanted to help him publish An Awesome Book. So, he published it himself, first on line. Then he printed it himself and traveled the country distributing it, himself.  And then, the book publisher, Harper Collins said that they'd like to help. So now Dallas Clayton's book is available everywhere. A book about the importance of dreaming.
An Awesome Book
An Awesome Book - Dallas ClaytonAn Awesome Book - Dallas Clayton
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An Awesome Book
What Is Essential?
An Awesome Book Of Thanks
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What Is Essential?
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I believe that dreaming and focus are connected and interrelated. Training  to focus on what is essential, makes sure that the most important items get done. And certainly one of the most important items we need to focus on are our dreams. Seriously. By taking time to imagine what our business (read: life) looks like and feels like, in as much vivid detail as possible, we program our internal GPS with a goal. And as we all know, the first step in getting somewhere, is in having somewhere to get.

I really like this quote! It's funny but true. And it helps summarize what happens when we discount having a vision, and instead, get caught in 'doing things'.

"Having lost our direction, we redoubled our efforts".
An Awesome Book of Thanks
I am a strong believer in the power of gratefulness. Regardless of our circumstances,(and we all have circumstances), we can all find lots to be grateful for. And it is the conscious act of being genuinely grateful, that we attract more things to be grateful for. Like a funnel whose opening keeps getting wider, a grateful habit grows to pull in more to be thankful for.

Finding that this author and businessman believes this too, I have included a link to Dallas Clayton's, An Awesome Book Of Thanks.
An Awesome Book of Thanks!
An Awesome Book of Thanks!

OK. So maybe this guy's not your style. You think he's goofy, strange, weird. And you're not into children's books.

Are you into success?

Clayton is a young and successful business person. He has multiple income streams (check out his paintings, sunglasses and shirts). He travels the world, spreading his message, building his brand and seeing cool places. He is a presenter and adept at social networking. He is a published author, an artist and the first of his kind to publish on

Consider this case study again from a different perspective.  Building your business may require finding solutions from scenarios different than the ones you usually consider.

Then take a moment - to dream - BIG.
To your success,