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Sparks Fly!
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 "We become what we think about"

Earl Nightingale
 "Tebowing". It's even a word now. 

Like him. Dislike him. Think he's a good quarterback or think he's really a running back. Feel he's a good leader or just egotistical. Agree with his religious stance or just find it annoying. None of that is what I want to talk  with you about as we wind down this year and get a brand new year to play with.

What I want you to recognize in Tim Tebow, is an excellent example of a visualizer and creator.

Thoughts are things. What we think about expands in our lives. What we focus on we become.

You've heard all of these ideas from me or from others in your lives. You hear it all the time in songs, books and poems as well as in religious writings.

It is the same message sent to us and repeated over and over in different ways. The message is; We create who we want to be.

And we do it by choosing specific thoughts, words and deeds. Or we do it through happenstance; letting things happen to us
, being directed by others. But regardless of the method, we are still doing the choosing, the creating. We either do it consciously or unconsciously - but we do it.

Tim Tebow says, "I have wanted to be an NFL quarterback since I was 7 years old."  That one statement should give you all the proof you need to know that you can become whoever you choose to be. Maybe you think he is special. Just ask someone who doesn't like him! Maybe you think it is divine intervention. Again, do you really think God picks favorites?

Tebow is focused, deliberate and specific. He has had a movie playing in his head for years,  pictures on his wall of what he looks like, acts like and achieves as an NFL quarterback. But having that vision is not enough. He also works hard. Remember it takes; Thought, Word AND Deed.

And that look you see from him on the sidelines? Joy. Because he is experiencing the vision he created years ago.

So, as the new year gets ready to give us a built in 'do over', who do you want to be? You choose every day in every way. (Don't worry. You don't have to choose to be an NFL Quarterback). Do you want to be kind? BE kind. Want to be happy? BE happy. Do you want to be in love? BE in love.

 It's never too late to become actively involved. It's your life. Live it just the way you choose too.


"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
 George Bernard Shaw
Your Brand Is On The Line

Our positioning line,is, "Your brand is on the line". We chose it because it describes what we believe is important in differentiating your business.

Among all the products that you have to sell, your people is the product we are most interested in. How they feel about themselves, about their jobs and the role they play in developing your business, is instrumental in determining if customers come back. How much clients spend and if they have a good story to tell others about you comes from how they feel about themselves. And THAT comes from those that deal with them directly, on the phone or through the internet.
Leadership, Customer Service, Decision Making, Talents to Strengths, Passion to Purpose and Team Building are all coaching seminars where we strengthen what you already doing  well with your people.

We don't want to change your business. We want it grow by maximizing a product that you are already invested in - your people.
The Pauli Principle
(Theory in quantum mechanics)

Two objects (thoughts) cannot occupy the same space at the same time
To your success,
Bruce Cameron