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Your spark can make a connection and that can change everything

"Create the self you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny spark of possibility into flames of achievement."

Foster McClellan 


What do Lady GaGa, Chelsea Handler and Paula Dean
Have In Common?

I'll give you a clue.  But it comes in the form of another question.

Who are you?

This is probably the question most of us ask ourselves, most of our lives.

Keep asking. In the moments when you are frustrated, defeated, discouraged and even victorious - keep asking. "Who am I?" Underlying everything that you think you have accomplished  or think you have failed at, there is a thread that ties back to the authentic you. I refer to it as a thread, but that's only because, when you can't really see it yet, your first glimpse is as a fine tentacle, almost etherial as it ties together everything you've done and been. Really it's more of a rope, a lifeline.

For example. I am a teacher.

I can look like many things. I can DO many things. And in each thing I do I can express my passion. Because who I am is not what I do. What I do becomes the vehicle to express who I am. I'm a salesman, an educator, an advertising executive, a business owner, a parent, a son, a husband and a friend. And in each one - a teacher. My passion is helping others learn more about themselves.

In understanding that fundamental truth, I am authentic.  I am liberated. Because in whatever job I choose to express my passion, the one thing is still the one thing. I am a teacher.

Jesus said, as did Buddha and all the great masters,
 "Know yourself". Simple. Concise. Direct. And profound.

When you create and embrace who you are, you become like the rock Jesus referenced -  calm, strong, sure.

And frankly ... you become a valuable product.  Because once you know who you are, you become powerful.  When you are comfortable in your skin, your energy becomes visible and transferable. Others are drawn to it. Not because they are the same as you necessarily, but because with authenticity comes strength. And we are drawn to strength.

So ... What do singer Lady GaGa, comedian Chelsea Handler and chef Paula Dean have in common?


Regardless of their packaging, their energy springs from their fundamental truth. In fact, each of these people attributes their enormous success to their authenticity.. .. Just being themselves.

None of them claim it has been an easy journey. All of them claim it has been worthwhile.

Seek your passion - always. All Ways
Whatever you are doing as your job, enjoy it. Share that enjoyment with others. Be still. Be aware. Because in that J.O.B. lies another clue to who you are. You're creating that. And that IS exciting.


"He who conquers himself is the greatest warrior of all."


To Your Success,
Bruce Cameron
Front Line Marketing