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"People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be." Harvey Mackay

The good news is that regardless of how you define your success, the process is the same. Unfortunately however, most of us mistakenly think that the process is, Have, Do, Be. Once I Have time, money, etc, then I will (Do) take a vacation, find a partner, buy a house, etc. Then I will Be happy, successful, less stressed, loved, etc.

I believe however that the process is reversed. Instead the way it really works is, Be, Do, Have. Decide to Be happy, loved, successful and then Do actions that reflect that state of mind; smile at someone, be generous with your money, act less stressed. And what you come to realize is that you Have those things you originally wanted; time, money, love, happiness, success.

The above quote expresses this idea nicely. Decide to Be successful and you will become successful. It all starts with a sense of being. Or Shakespeare's, "To be or not to be, that is the question." You can't be much more concise than that.

Everything is a state of mind, and states of mind can be changed.

Test it. Think of examples in your own life. Think of a time that you lost a loved one, had a pet die, lost a job, a client or went through a bad breakup. You know the saying, "Time heals all". And although we think that it is time that is doing the healing, really it is our state of mind that changes.

We eventually choose another perspective, another way of looking and thinking about the same situation. We in actuality choose to BE; forgiving, happy, in love, confident, successful, etc. And it is that choice that changes everything.

The 'trick' is to make choices consciously rather than unconsciously, because the process (read: your success) then happens much more quickly.

Consider this. When you let go of old perspectives, of say, anger, hurt, fear or inferiority, (when you become different) then you act differently (do different things); you smile more, are more relaxed, act more loving, are more generous. The result is that you 'find'  (have) another person to love, get another pet that loves you, feel more relaxed, see good things in people, have money making opportunities.

The process for your success is; BE, DO, HAVE.

"To be or not to be, that is the question." And your choice.


To your success,


Bruce Cameron


You don't get what you want, you get what you believe.

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At Front Line Marketing we know that there is, 'never nothing going on' and therefore we focus on identifying with you what is going on between people; you and your guests, management and employees and business teams. We work with you to identify what you want your business to be then develop customized coaching  to maximize connections that increase productivity, employee engagement, sales, profit and client loyalty.

Our seminars on leadership, decision making and service care are interactive, informative, thought provoking and fun. And because not everyone learns the same way, we coach behaviors using a multimedia approach that encompasses, music, video, audio, lecture, assessment and group discussion. Our use of Live Action Simulation (TM), changes habits and states of mind.

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