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At Front Line Marketing we call ourselves Hospitality Consultants and we are passionate about helping people in business become their best selves.

We do that by helping people identify their talents and then developing them into strengths. We draw from art and science, psychology and assessments, traditional and spiritual to motivate learners to first understand, then change behaviors. But because behaviors are only an action change, to take it to the next level. Adding the human touch helps people understand then choose to move from a job of just efficiency to one of effectiveness through personal awareness. It is this self awareness that creates paradigm shifts in the way people approach their jobs.

What this means to business is greater productivity, more effective leaders, and happier customers.

To your success!


Are You Blind?!

Ever seen someone do something that just seemed unbelievable? Surely if they had just listened, then they would have heard the issue. Or worse, they were looking right at the problem and STILL didn't see it. And it was as "plain as the nose on your face".

Actually it's called, "Paradigm Blindness". Yep, that's the fancier word for the one you're thinking of. This  term is used to describe the inability to see an event until there is a prior context and language for naming the event.
Or, in other words, we are blind until we are taught to see and to believe.


A paradigm is a set of assumptions about the nature of reality; assumptions about the way things are. And paradigms exist for each of us personally as well as in our business.  


To see things in a different way or to change a culture, you have to change paradigms - the set of assumptions. And to change paradigms, you have to figure out a way to let go of current assumptions before you can replace them with new assumptions.  


To develop a change strategy you have to:

  • introduce things that are not explained by the old assumptions, and help people to see them
  • provide a clearly defined new paradigm
  • build faith in the new paradigm
  • help people let go of the old paradigm
  • give people time in the neutral zone
  • give people touchstones
  • provide a safety net

(And do it all at the same time).

So, whether the change you wish to make real is  building a culture of hospitality or just having your boyfriend 'see' the error of his ways, the strategy is the same.


Determine your goal. Let FLM help you realize it. 

red squares Here are some examples of where our senses are experiencing
Paradigm Blindness








The reds are the same color

  Paradigm Blindness


Actually both these lines are the same length


straight lines Paradigm Blindness










These lines are straight

Paradigm Shift Exercise

What would happen if you were prohibited from working more than 5 hours a day? What would you do? (No fair saying, "delegate"). How would you use those 5 hours to become indispensable in a different way?

credit to Seth Grodin

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