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Your spark can make a connection and that can change everything

May, 2011

Welcome to the May edition of Sparks Fly! Our focus at Front Line Marketing is to give you ideas and tools to help you better engage employees and clients. We know that service continues to be THE way to differentiate your business. Of course products and value are important factors. But, as important as these are, businesses continue to ignore the one product readily at their disposal; a truly remarkable service climate, to set their business apart.

More and more we're discovering that service is a way of 'being'. The tactics that traditionally define service, like smiles, handshakes and "thank you's" are necessary but without the infusion of your own divine spark, your honest self, tactics remain tactics. And as such they can only get you so far up the hill. Without a way of being, you will not reach the summit.

Social media continues to explode as a tactic of connection so we continue to look at ways we can use it to create real engagement. Read below to get a quick synopsis of some recent findings. We've included a short video (3 minutes) link to Guy Kawasaki about his new book Enchantment where he marries the idea of 'being' together with social media platforms to create client enchantment.
Social Media Update

Twitter: This study recently published in Computers in Human Behavior found that extended  use of Twitter increases a person's gratification of the need to be connected with other users. The study of 317 Twitters concluded that Twitter is 'not just virtual noise of people talking to each other, but that it is a medium that people actively seek out to gratify a need to connect with another."


Tweet this: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective on How Active Twitter Use Gratifies a Need to connect with Others


Email: Remains King. According to the Pew Internet Report, email remains the #1 online activity with 94% of online people using email.  Radicati Research reports that corporate end users send and receive an average of 110 email messages a day.


At work, users prefer email over other alternatives. Computing and Informants, reports that in spite of rapid advances in multimedia and interactive technologies, enterprise users prefer to battle with email spam and overload rather than lose the benefits of communicating, collaborating and solving business tasks over email.


Older Workers react more positively to implementation of IT initiatives than younger counterparts. The study was entitled, "Age and Technology Innovation in the Workplace: Does Work Context Matter?" Published in Computers in Human Technology

The Observer Effect
Connected circle A theory in quantum physics, the observer effect is tremendously important to us as we develop relationships. At its very basic level, this theory says that we create our own reality and only what we observe, exists. Put another way, if you don't see me, then I don't exist. Ever been ignored, walked by without any acknowledgment, left on hold? You called it rude, but really what you experienced was non existence.

They did a nice job of expressing this concept in the movie Avatar, with the phrase, "I see you". Used as a greeting, it let the other person know that they existed to them in a very real way.

Apply this concept to your business and your life. Do your clients (family) only exist to you when they seek you out? In other words, when you exist to them? Or do you consciously bring your clients and customers (family) into reality by seeking them out?

Remember, if you don't see me, then I don't exist. We all want to exist and will reward those that confirm our reality.


"Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. What you see reflects your thinking. And your thinking but reflects your choice of what you want to see."
A Course In Miracles



Bruce Cameron
Front Line Marketing