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" The only real purpose of money is to show appreciation."

Show me the money!
credit to Jerry McGuire
Remember this movie? It's the story of the interaction between the talent agent (Tom Cruise) and the football player (Cuba Gooding Jr.)? This line resonated with me because it did a great job of telling the story that we all go though with money. On one hand, we think we deserve the money because we're doing the job. However the other perspective promises the money when we show our true worth. And in that scenario our worth goes beyond just our talent. Our worth is linked to our emotional investment in what we do.

In the movie the lesson is, we are not just what we do, but how we do it. It's a combination of the two, talent and feeling that results in being, "Shown the money".

The quote, "The only real purpose of money is to show appreciation." supports this belief. When you believe that you have money or get money or give money through appreciation, you look at what you do, sell, or say from a different belief. Money becomes not something to have. Money becomes a tool to use to show your appreciation. To give with gratitude. If you are struggling with the belief that you only deserve a certain amount of money, or money is evil or money makes people bad, think of money this way. The more you have, the more appreciation you can show to others.

Believing that the sole purpose of money is to show appreciation encourages salespeople to approach their careers not to see what they can sell, but to see what they can give of value to clients. Believing that clients will respond in appreciation and show that appreciation by giving money.

CSR's approach phone calls with more patience and excitement because their job becomes clear; add value to the caller. Servers have a vested interest in not just going through the motions of the job, because they now understand that they will be given money in appreciation not for just what they do, but how they bring themselves to the tasks they perform.

If you remember the movie, it is only when the star athlete remembers the love he has for the game and the fans, when he remembers why he is doing what he is doing, when he invests his emotion as well as his talent, only then does he get everything he wants - including money.

And it's not just true in the movies.

It is a universal truth that what we willingly give, genuinely, with appreciation, we get back in abundance.
To your success,

Bruce Cameron
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