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Anxiety - what a waste
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We all have a divine spark, an energy that is unique to us. And it emanates from us, whether we choose for it to or not.

If we choose to share that energy with others in a positive way, it can change lives for the better - ours included. It can lift people up because positive energy pulls more energy towards it, increasing the energy flow in both directions, creating smiles, better moods, happier thoughts. Both parties win.

Send out our spark with low energy, which is what happens when we are in a bad mood, not wanting to be where we are, or being bored and both parties get drained of energy. Either way, our spark has an impact.

It's a choice.
A choice to help ourselves by helping others.
"Listen to your life. All moments are key moments."
Giving = Receiving. A Scientific Point Of View 
Here's the rule that will get you what you want. Ready? Help others get what they want. That's it.

The simple fact is, the more you give, the more you will receive.

Scientifically the answer resides in us being made up of energy and energy has to flow. When it is restricted, just like blood, it begins to coagulate or clot.

To achieve affluence, in money, sales or relationships is dependent on keeping the flow of energy going. In fact, the word affluence comes from the root, 'affluere' or 'to flow to'. Affluence means to flow in abundance.

Money is a symbol of that energy flow. And it's no coincidence that another word for money is currency. It is referring to the flow of energy and is based on the latin word, 'currere' which means 'to run' or 'to flow'. The more energy we give, the more we get in return, in abundance.

Energy has to keep circulating, as does money. If our intention is to hoard or hold on to our money, the circulation stops and money stops circulating back to us.

Instead, believe in abundance. Share what you have, joyfully. Believe that you already have what you need, and you will.

"To like many people spontaneously and without effort is perhaps the greatest of all sources of personal happiness."

Bertrand Russell
Giving = Receiving: A Religious Point Of View
I am not setting myself up as a religious scholar, but it seems to me that this concept is well represented in the bible. One is in the story of the loaves and fishes.

Jesus disciples look at the mass of people that have come to hear the preaching and realize (mistakenly) that there are limitations on the amount of food and drink they have available to feed them.

Jesus however comes from a different perspective. He believes instead in abundance, and the concept of giving is receiving. If you know the story then you know that the more they give, the more they receive, to give. They live in abundance with more than enough to go around.

Another story relates directly to money and the distribution of wealth to three different servants. Entrusted with his money until his return, the servants each choose what to do with their share. The more actively the money is distributed, the more is returned. The result is that two of the three are thanked and appreciated and receive even more than what they made. The third is penalized, losing even that which was entrusted to him because he refused to allow the currency to flow by instead burying it in the ground for safe keeping.  
Anxiety is nothing but repeatedly experiencing failure in advance. What a waste of energy.

Seth Godin
Giving = Receiving: My Point of View

We have to be willing to [joyfully] give that which we want to get.

Me? I like giving. It feels good.

But I've discovered that I've had to become as equally adept at receiving as giving.  To only give and not become a good receiver deprives others of the great feeling of giving. And in fact what happens is that the people that you continually give to also stop enjoying the act of receiving. The result is that giving doesn't feel as good.

When I became able to look at it from that perspective and realized what I was doing, it was a big step in my becoming consciously grateful. And when I became consciously grateful I found tons of things to be thankful for. In receiving those gifts, whatever they are, and being grateful for them, I got more of them.

It's all about the flow. Stop either and you stop both.
PS: I'm still working on it.
Be kind to your customers. Be aware of them. Listen to them. Be thankful for them. Help them feel good about themselves and their decision to come to you.

They in turn will help you get what you want.