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March 2010
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Sparks Fly!
Your spark can make a connection and that can change everything
Welcome to this edition of Sparks Fly!
Body Language
Eyes, Eyes, Eyes

At Front Line Marketing we are passionate about service. We believe that the better we understand ourselves and others, the better able we are to maximize positive engagement between people. As a business strategy, that means that employees are happier and more productive. Clients act as partners, spend more money and recommend you to others. More sales and profits flow to the bottom line.

The Sparks Fly! newsletter is a service of Front Line Marketing. In it we share hospitality tips as well as quotes, to help you and your teams make service a way of being in business and in life.
Body Talk
argumantOver 50 percent of communication happens non verbally - body language. Most of us understand the importance of body language, at least intellectually. But by becoming consciously aware of the messages our body is communicating, we are better able to become congruent - match our words, tone and emotions to our body. When we are congruent, we significantly reduce communication confusion. And because everything is working together, little body gestures carry a lot more communication energy.

Because our body carries so much weight (Get it? Weight?), we can also use our body to change our emotions.

We call it 'Acting as if'. Get yourself out of a funk by acting As if, you are happy. Stand up, move around, take on an open body stance. Meaning, feet apart and weight equally balanced, arms uncrossed, eyes raised and focused on a person or the horizon.

The emotion of 'happy' has a higher energy signature than 'sad'. By being up, moving around, assuming an approachable stance, a confident gaze, you expend more energy. Your mood has to follow because it wants to be congruent or in sync with your body.
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"If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't been in bed with a mosquito."

Anita Roddick
Smile Like A Fashion Model
great smileNot all of us are natural smilers, not even fashion models. And yet, knowing how to smile and being comfortable smiling is HUGE in changing your mood, as well as the mood of others. A smile communicates that you are approachable and is contagious. And being approachable is a big deal if you want to communicate with someone effectively.

So here is a trick that fashion models use to learn how to smile.
We call it; Great, Great, Great

First stand up (again it's an energy thing). If you are by yourself, stand in front of a mirror. Lick your lips. That makes them more supple so that they can move into a smile easier. Next say the word Great in as many different tones and volumes as you can think of; happy, afraid, loud, soft, sad, sexy, etc. Pretty soon from saying the word over and over and the pure ridiculousness of the exercise will make you smile.

The science behind the smile exercise. The word GREAT is a very powerful and positive word. Saying it out loud carries a lot of positive energy. That in turn affects your mood. Saying the word, 'great', pulls the lips back slightly from the teeth in the beginnings of a smile. By saying it over and over in many different ways, well, you have to laugh. This is tons of fun in a group setting and the energy is even more powerful.

Try it. You'll smile and you'll feel ... great!
The Eyes Have It
"Some men see things that are and say 'Why?' I dream things that never were and say, 'Why not?'
George Bernard Shaw

The eyes are great communicators. And are most likely to reveal our true feelings. Learn what someones eyes are communicating and you'll be miles ahead in understanding how you can serve.

Below is a link to the Front Line Marketing web site, the Sparks Fly! page. Go to the download section and pull up, Reading The Mind through The Eyes. It is a series of 36 pairs of eyes, each communicating a different emotion. Print out the Answer sheet to chose the emotion. Then look at the Score sheet to see how good you are at reading the mind through the eyes.

This is also a great tool to use with your teams. It gives you some indication how adept you are at reading emotions through the eyes, but it also helps to practice looking at peoples eyes.

Reading The Mind Through The Eyes
We close this Sparks Fly! with a toast and traditional greeting from the Adventurers Club and wish you continued success in your pursuit for adventure, passion and service.

"Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt."


Thank you Gina W. for sharing this.

Bruce Cameron
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