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October 2009
The Pull Of The Positive
"Flow" is the psychology of optimal performance. It is that time that we have all experienced when things just seem to fall in to place, with seemingly little effort. We're comfortable. We're confident. We are experiencing the pull of the positive.

In this issue of Sparks Fly!  we'll examine that pull and how we can create an atmosphere of 'flow' more often in both our personal and our professional lives.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
Albert Einstein
At Front Line Marketing, we're all about maximizing communication and positive connections. The better we understand ourselves and others, the faster, stronger and more positive our engagement with clients, friends and family.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
A fancy title, but simply put, NLP is the study of how thoughts affect behavior. The understanding of successful behaviors and the thoughts that brought that behavior about, increases our effective communication and our connections.

Control your thoughts and control your behaviors = maximize results.
The Six Core Mental Patterns of Super Achievers

NLP has found (as have many other studies), that there are six core characteristics of successful people. Model and use these thought patterns and the behaviors that follow will result in more often being in a state of FLOW. Commit to developing these thought patterns as habits and you will more often experience the Pull Of The Positive.

So what are these six mental patterns?

1. Inner Motivation: there are two kinds of motivation, towards something and away from something. Towards, refers to something in the future, like the money you will make from closing the sale. Away, refers to avoidance, like doing the work so you don't get fired. Successful people use both styles to motivate themselves.

2. Valuing Full Health:  successful people (athletes, business people, corporate and entrepreneur) are dedicated to their full strength and health.

3. Information Chunking:  they have a future vision of the end goal, but they break tasks into steps where each is a goal unto itself. And they celebrate the completion of each step.

4. Present Moment Time Frame: they are able to live in the now. I once read and believe that, "Fear comes from looking into the future and not knowing how it will turn out." And fear paralyzes.

5. Personal Involvement: participation in events influences what is going on. Make decisions. Your decision doesn't have to be wise or perfect. It doesn't even have to be right. What matters is participation.

6. Self to Self Comparisons: successful, happy, people compare themselves against themselves, not against others. Judging yourself against others, depending on your current situation, can be detrimental. Measure yourself against your own progress; against last year, against last month, against last week.

Learn and practice these six core mental thought patterns and you will create a  compulsion to succeed.
"For myself, I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else."
Winston Churchill

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