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"Your spark can make a connection and that can change everything." September 2008
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Dear Service Professionals,
Welcome to this month's issue of Sparks Fly!.
At Front Line Marketing we are passionate that the answer to your success both professionally and personally lies in your ability to positively engage with others.
Sparks Fly! refers to the unique spark that each of us has, our essence. If as science tells us, our DNA is 99% the same as everyone else, then the remaining 1% may be thought of as your spark. And your spark communicates to others.
We do communicate whether we want to or not. and the better we understand ourselves and others, the more powerful, positive and productive that communication will be.
To differentiate your business, you must understand your own and your employees      "spark" and then hone that strength into a tool that takes your business from a commodity to a brand of choice. 
At Front Line Marketing we work with your leaders, your managers and your front line to identify communication styles, and then give you the tools you need to turn the right behaviors into positive habits.
"In order to forget the rules, you must know them and respect them. Then with deliberate practice you no longer need the tools that helped you learn. The desired outcome becomes more important than the path itself."
To your success.

Bruce Cameron
The Power Of 'Hello'
by Howard White 

Former University of Maryland point guard Howard White is vice president of Jordan Brand at Nike. He founded 'Believe to Achieve', Nike's motivational program for youth, and wrote a book by the same name. White lives with his family in Lake Oswego, Ore.

I work at a company where there are about a gazillion employees. I can't say that I know them all by name, but I know my fair share of them. I think that almost all of them know me.
I'd say that's the reason I've been able to go wherever it is I've made it to in this world. It's all based on one simple principle: I believe every single person deserves to be acknowledged, however small or simple the greeting.

When I was about 10 years old, I was walking down the street with my mother. She stopped to speak to Mr. Lee. I was busy trying to bulls-eye the "O" in the stop sign with a rock. I knew I could see Mr. Lee any old time around the neighborhood, so I didn't pay any attention to him.

After we passed Mr. Lee, my mother stopped me and said something that has stuck with me from that day until now. She said, "You let that be the last time you ever walk by somebody and not open up your mouth to speak, because even a dog can wag its tail when it passes you on the street."

That phrase sounds simple, but it's been a guidepost for me and the foundation of who I am. 
Top 10 Excuses for NOT Giving Recognition
  1. "I don't know how."
    This can be an honest and valid concern. Most folks never receive any type of training on giving recognition. But, it is a skill that can be learned.
  2. "I don't have time."
    Most of us have more stuff to do than time to do it in. But somehow we all manage to do the things that are really important to us. Maybe, you just haven't made recognition high enough of a priority. Besides, how much time does it take to say, "Thank you"?
  3. "People don't care about it all that much."
    Okay, if you look hard enough, maybe you can find one or two people who couldn't give a flip about being recognized. But for every person like that, there are hundreds who like being stroked for their efforts and contributions. Play the odds.
  4. "It's not MY job!"
    Think that giving recognition is strictly a top-down thing that only bosses are responsible for? THINK AGAIN! It's one of the biggest reasons why recognition doesn't happen as often as it could. Fact is, supporting an environment in which people are acknowledged and truly appreciated is everyone's job.
  5. "I don't believe in rewarding people for just doing their jobs!"
    A "reward" is something special and should be reserved for special achievement. But recognition is an acknowledgement, a favorable notice, and a reinforcement that increases the likelihood that people will keep doing their job and making work that much easier for you!
  6. "It becomes meaningless if done too much!"
    Maybe so, but most organizations have a looooooong way to go before the meter reads "Too Much Recognition Happening Here." Actually, it's insincerity rather than quantity that tends to devalue recognition.
  7. "I'm very limited in what I can do."
    Chances are that you're limited mostly by untapped imagination. Okay, so you don't control or even have access to money and formal award programs. Those only represent the tip of the recognition iceberg, anyway. Get creative!
  8. "Sometimes it's awkward and uncomfortable."
    So was the first time you drove a stick shift! But the more you did it, the easier it got (hopefully). And the more you liked doing it! If you're uncomfortable with recognition, there's a good chance you're not doing it enough. Go forth and PRACTICE!
  9. "People will think they've 'made it' and stop working hard."
    Think about it: Do you slow down when others show appreciation for your contributions?
  10. "I don't get it. Why should I give it?"
    Because it's the right thing to do! You know how it feels to have your efforts and achievements overlooked. You know how it feels to be taken for granted. Don't let one wrong become your rationale for doing another.  
Print Services & Distribution Association Convention - October
Make sure to include us in your visit to the upcoming show in Baltimore.
Branding Your Company - Friday 
In an average day you can expect to be bombarded by about 1,500 brands. Go to the grocery store and that jumps to over 35,000!
"Your Brand Is On The Line" . Ink, paper or promotional products. It doesn't matter. We'll show you how to move your business from, another consumer commodity, to a branded partner that clients commit to for life.
Advertising Beyond Traditional Media - Friday
Facebook, UTube, Linkedin, Blogging; it's all about making connections and creating engagement. Come find out how you can use Web 2.0 to make your companies Sparks Fly! 
Enhancing Your Customer Service Skills - Saturday
You'll participate in a fun service enhancement session that uses music, video and audio to celebrate what you're doing right. Then give you more skills to do it better, more consistently. We'll use case studies from the industry as well as actual phone conversations to identify the desired outcome and identify new behaviors to meet your goal. Find and practice new service skills with our new service game entitled, "How The Game Is Played", developed in association with Highland Computer Forms.
Front Line Marketing is a proud member of PSDA

"How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood." Andrew Grove

Service Science:
  • 55% of our message is communicated through our body language 
  • 38% of our message is communicated through our tone of voice
  • 7% of our message is communicated through the words we use

"Do your marketers on the front line have the tools they need to communicate your message to the best of their ability?"