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Your  spark can make a connection and that can change everything
head shotAt Front Line Marketing, our passion is in educating and coaching leaders on the art and science of service. If we can convince leaders in the 'need to do' of service, then we can help them realize their full potential in creativity, productivity and profits.
There is an ROI on service. It can be measured. It can be modified. It can be controlled. And those businesses really wanting to differentiate themselves from their competition will embrace this paradigm shift, and never look back.
Sparks Fly! is a monthly service tip sheet to help educate and motivate those that work on the front line, where brand meets business.
What Makes Us Different, Is Really The Same
Although each of us likes to think of ourselves as special and unique, and we ARE all special and unique, the science is that we are 99% genetically identical.
We are virtually all the same.
And though that may be a bubble buster for some of us, the good news is that if we will take the time to learn about ourselves and others, we will unlock ways to connect and communicate. In that understanding, we will be able to exceed the expectations of our clients and family, and in so doing, exceed our own.
The art and science of service
Just alike
Kindness matters
Food for thought
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Be Kind, If You Know What's Good For You
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 Benjamin Franklin in a 1842 letter to Benjamin Webb is often credited with the "pay It forward" philosophy. It is his idea of not paying back a loan, but instead, passing that payment on to someone else, that spawned the book and subsequent movie, "Pay It Forward".
When researching those that practice this philosophy, I learned that there is not just one reason that people practice kindness. For instance, in the recent Starbucks drive thru incidence, the gentleman that started the all day chain reaction of paying for the coffee in the car behind you, did it not to be nice, but for self preservation. The story goes that when the guy behind him kept yelling at him he started to get angry. Realizing that he needed to change his mental attitude, he diffused his own anger and got back in balance, by counterbalancing - doing something nice.
I have heard of those that help hikers on long hiking trails, by cooking them a hot meal in their home. They claim they do it because someone did something nice for them. They pay it forward.
Some that do it professionally, like those that work in soup kitchens, have said it is because it makes them feel good. Others, because it makes them feel humble.  Still others say they practice acts of kindness because they can and should.
Whatever the reason, research has shown that feelings are contagious and our feelings are influenced by our actions. Actions of kindness matter because giving feels good and so does receiving.
So consciously (that's important) do something nice for someone everyday and you'll feel better about you and help someone else feel better about themselves. Pretty soon it will become habit. You'll be happier, your relationships will be more fullfilling and your sales, through the roof.
You mighty even try counterbalancing that angry client with a conscious act of kindness. You might just start something.
"Your spark can make a connection and that can change everything."
Language has power. Based on the way you choose to name and describe people, you send different messages. We define the words we choose to use.
To the world, you may be just one person.  but to just one person, you might just be the world.
It's not about what happens. It's about perspective. We may not be able to change what takes place, but we can always choose to change our thinking. And when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.
Engagement is the key to a successful service ROI. Measurement, intervention and reward on an ongoing basis of our connection level both internally and externally, is the service linchpin.
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