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Hello Service Professionals!
At Frontline Marketing, we are dedicated to making you better at what you do - communication. We accomplish that by helping you recognize your strengths and then giving you the tools to turn those strengths into talents.
We each have a unique way of communicating, thank goodness. And by understanding and appreciating that in ourselves and others, we can relax, stop taking reactions personally and listen, really listen to others. And that builds relationships, exceeds expectations, and creates loyalty that can only result in your success.
Starbucks Announces Strategic Initiatives to increase Shareholder Value
starbucks logoRenewed focus on Customer Experience and Innovation
"Simply put, we are recommitting ourselves to what has made Starbucks and the Starbucks Experience so unique:the relentless focus on the customer, the trust we have built with our people, and the entrepreneurial risk-taking, innovation and creativity that are the hallmarks of our success."
Schultz (Starbucks founder) stated that his agenda would include:
  • refocusing on the customer experience in the stores, new products and new training and tools to help the store partners give customers a superior experience;
  • re-igniting the emotional attachment with customers and restoring the connections customers have with Starbucks
NOTE: Starbucks is a very profitable company with over 15,000 stores around the world. What made them successful? According to the founder, - SERVICE.  What will make them even more profitable? BETTER SERVICE
Another aspect to this story is the knowledge that McDonald's is entering into the alternative beverage business in a big way with their announcement that they will add 14,000 McDonald's Cafe's to restaurants. Will McDonald's do well?  They are a well run company of seemingly endless resources. And knowing the food cost on coffee, there is a lot of money to be made. It's surprising that they haven't attacked this segment sooner. So I wouldn't bet against them. Will their success be at the expense and demise of Starbucks? Or will Starbucks commitment to service as a differentiation be enough to continue their growth? Starbucks entered the coffee market when coffee was a quarter and the market was thought to be saturated. They did it through service, and I believe exceptional service will always win out. Let the games begin.
Pay It Forward 
Choose Your Attitude, A Lesson In Contagion
In keeping with our theme on Starbucks, I want to share a recent event that happened in a Starbucks drivethru that is a great real life example of how we choose our attitude, and how we can influence others and the attitude they choose. 
It seems that the Starbucks client at the pick-up window was taking longer than the 'next in line', thought she should be and began honking to expedite the transaction. If you have been in that situation yourself, you know that if you are the honker, you are not having the best of days and you are acting out your frustration on others.  If you are the honkee (no pun intended), you have a choice on how you will react to the person honking at you. Often we do not choose, wisely.
On this day however, the customer at the window, said to the Starbucks associate, "The person behind me is obviously frustrated, please take this money and buy them their coffee this morning." When the customer learned what the person in the car ahead had done, their attitude changed and they bought coffee for the person behind them. The story goes that this went on all morning.
The simple act of buying a stranger a cup of coffee changed lives by helping others to choose generosity and gratitude and by passing it on to others, they received it back in return.
Why not choose to give yourself a gift this week?  Exceed your own expectations, in serving someone else. The benefit you receive will be well worth what you 'think' you are giving away.
The Likability Factor in Presidential Elections
man smiling
Did you know that the last 13 elections have been won by the candidate with the highest "Likability Factor"?
This rating, measures candidates on specific traits that correspond to likability, and the person with the highest LF has won - 13 times in a row.
In fact, the LF is so accurate that it has been within a couple of points of the actual results every time. Guess what some of the measures traits are. You got it - smile, eye contact, approachability, positive energy.
That is why with all the money spent on TV, candidates spend countless hours going from town to town shaking hands, meeting and listening to people. Touchpoints, is where likability happens. Translating that to our own situation, if you want to be successful - be liked. To be liked - listen.
We all want to be acknowledged. So make sure that when your guests, call, walk into, or drive up to your house, I mean business, that you genuinely acknowledge them and listen to their needs. Because if we ignore guests when they visit, they will go away and they won't come back. After all, wouldn't you do the same?
 "You can increase your brain power three to five fold simply by having fun and laughing before working on a problem."
"Hope is the power to be cheerful in circumstances we know to be desperate."
G.K Chesterton
(Hint) "People will accept your ideas much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first."