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Welcome Service Professionals;
At Front Line Marketing, we believe that everyone has a unique spark, a way of connecting and communicating with others that is special to them.  We are committed to helping people remember and develop their unique spark. It is important to find your spark, your talent, because it will allow you to better connect with others. And when we're connecting, we're communicating. When we're really communicating we're happy. And when we're happy we're contributing our talent to a common purpose. Happy people are more enthusiastic, energetic and productive. And other people (like customers) want to be around happy
people.spark Find your unique spark.

The power of gratitude and its role in exceeding expectations
 suncoast 2
I was fortunate to be able to be with my client and partner for a week in S. Fl recently coaching on exceeding expectations and the power of gratitude. Suncoast Marketing of Davie Florida has decided that just meeting client expectations is not good enough and they have committed to 2008 being a time learning to Exceed Expectations.
As part of our conversations, we discussed the science behind having an attitude of gratitude and the positive affect that gratitude habits create.
Science has joined with religion and been able to prove what has been taken on faith by many up to this point. Here is what the research is finding. People that practice gratitude are happier and more likely to achieve goals and success. But there is more. Practice genuine gratitude regularly and they found that subjects were at least 25% happier, they slept better, suffered lower levels of stress, were more enthusiastic, had more energy and spent on average 1.5 more hours per week exercising than others.
And here is the kicker for business leaders. Happy people are more productive, less resistant to turnover, stress and THEY EXCEED CLIENTS EXPECTATIONS. Find out what makes your employees happy and motivate them to do the same.
Suncoast Marketing, thank you for your enthusiasm, energy and participation. You exceeded my expectations.
imagine"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
George Bernard Shaw
Eighty Five Percent of Your Success Will Come From How You Interact and Connect With People

 chit chatRegardless of what you feel about the candidates or your feelings about elections, they are part of our lives. And they are another example of just how true the above headline and research that generated it is. The better we understand ourselves and others, the better we will be able to listen. The better we will understand. The faster we will build rapport. The stronger will be the trust that we have in others and them in us. The better we will communicate. And better communication will help us to identify clients unmet needs and exceed expectations.
There is science in communication and connections.
Learn more, because when we exceed, we succeed. Let us help.
Do You think The Computer Did It On Purpose?
 man yelling at computerSome of my best ideas come from clients.
When talking about how we all at times take things personally, a client spoke up and said, "Q-TIP". The meaning? Quit Taking It Personal.
"Learn to accept in silence minor aggrevations."
Sir William Osler
Ninety five percent of our reactions to events are habits that we have learned. Now whether or not you believe in stats, that's about everything we do! The good news? Habits are learned reactions. We can learn new habits. 
So ... when that client that is always nasty calls, help them change their habits by finding out what is motivating their behavior. Come on, be creative. After all, we all want to be happy - or at least 95% of us do. Maybe start by being grateful that they keep calling and that they keep calling you.
Oh yeah ... and get yourself a Q-tip - just a reminder.
Thanks Maria!

There is nothing softer or thinner than water. To compel the hard and unyielding it has no equal. The weak overcomes the strong, the hard gives way to the gentle.
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