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Cocktail of the Month Newsletter May 2008

Thank you, as ever, for your interest in Charbay's collection of American artisan spirits & wines.
This year marks our 25th anniversary of being pioneers on the cutting edge of the beverage spirits industry. Thank you for your shared passion and friendship...It's an amazing journey.
(In fact, literally! Miles & Marko left the U.S. last week to distill next year's surprise...) 
This month we have two exciting & long-awaited releases to announce...
For the full details, directly from the heart: 
Please do let us know if you're coming to Napa anytime soon...We'd love to see you.
Liquid smiles,
Miles, Susan, Lara, Marko & Jenni 
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Still House Opening
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Charbay's Alambic Pot StillCocktail of the Month: CHARBAY Aperitifs (Ready-to-Drink!)
Over the past 10 years, we've personally made a lot of cocktails. Just in time for summer, we're pleased to announce that we've bottled two of our favorite recipes: Green Tea & Pomegranate.
No mixers, no measuring...just pour them on the rocks, or shake for a martini, and add a twist of lemon. "They're ready already!" explains Marko with a grin. (And at 21% alcohol, they pack a good punch.) 
Online special - includes limited-edition Charbay rocks glasses and shipping's included. Valid thru 5/31/08
Have a great wine bar, restaurant (sushi & Green Tea, anyone?) or store in mind? Available in CA only; American Wines & Spirits. (The aperitifs can be sold under beer/wine licenses!) Rating - rating  "When Charbay launches an RTD, you have to pay attention. A super-easy, premium before dinner drink."
Charbay WhiskeyCHARBAY Whiskey II: The First Whiskey Made with Great-Drinking Beer
Did you know whiskey is distilled beer? 
Yes, really! Normally referred to as "low wash" or "distiller's beer," the watery, fermented base of most whiskies isn't something you'd want to serve your friends.
Leave it to Miles & Marko to ponder "what if"...In 1999, they decided to distill 20,000 gallons of great Pilsner & added a few other speical twists. Now it's 9 years old. (Read more)
Call us at 707.963.9327 to secure your allocation of this historic breakthrough in whiskey distillation. The perfect gift for Father's Day, whiskey collectors (and those who don't even need a reason.)  
Charbay's Alambic Pot StillVisit the CHARBAY Still House (Napa Valley)
Planning a trip to Napa? Distillery tours now available. We're serving our new aperitifs, small-batch Cabs, deeply blushing Rose, velvety ports made with barrel-aged brandies and more...
Relax and enjoy this authentic, off-the-beaten path Napa Valley experience. Call us at 707.963.9327 or email.
Upcoming Events - June 11th (San Francisco)
CHARBAY Distiller's Evening 
Don't miss this rare chance to join iconic 13th Generation artisan distiller Marko Karakasevic for a fun, informative night of tasting CHARBAY Vodka, Marko's new whiskey and other specialty Charbay spirits.
Marko is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on artisan distilling in the U.S. today.
Ask any questions you may have about the art of classical Pot Still distilation, vodka myths, and maybe learn a new cocktail or two. Whiskey bottle signing available. Reservation required.
Date: June 11th   Call D&M Liquor at (415) 346-1325.
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CHARBAY's New Aperitifs - (a division of the New York Times)
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Aperitif Sampler: To introduce our new aperitifs, we're offering a special: a bottle each of CHARBAY's new Green Tea and Pomegranate Aperitifs, plus four (4) limited edition Charbay-logo rocks glasses...the shipping's on us. Want to order a few other goodies? We'll cover the shipping on up to 6 additional bottles to make a full case.
Offer Expires: May 31st, 2008 Offer valid where legal; shipping not available to all states.