Case Study


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Patient is a 20#, 6 year old Pug that presented to Animal Imaging for an abdominal ultrasound.  The patient had an elevated WBC and a history of megasophagus.  The patient was observed going through trash 30 days prior to the exam eating small sausages with toothpicks. 
Splenic Foreign BodyFindings:
The liver is normal in size, shape and echogenicity.  Gall bladder was normal.  The spleen was enlarged and an irregular hyperechoic structure was noted within the splenic parenchyma.  The mesentery surrounding the spleen was hyperechoic suggestive of reactivity.   
Splenic Foreign BodyImpressions and Recommendations: 
The spleen appeared reactive.  There was linear structure consistent with a foreign body, which had likely caused the leukocytosis.  Differentials included a toothpick.  The patient was taken to surgery and the spleen removed.  A toothpick was found lodged within the parenchyma having migrated through the stomach wall and entering the spleen.
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