Case Study 
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History: Dorsal 3D MPGR
Eight year old Thoroughbred eventing horse that was injured in the pasture approximately two months prior when an acute right fore lameness was noted.  Radiographs of the foot were within normal limits.  The horse previously blocked to a coffin joint block.  Coffin joint therapy was administered intra atricularly rendering the horse sound for approximately one week, but the lameness reocurred.  There were no previous lameness issues noted in the right front foot.  On presentation, a grade II right front lameness was noted.  The lameness was exacerbated in a circle.  Mild soreness was noted on rotational strain of the foot.  No significant asymmetry was noted around the coronary band. 
  Axial STIR                                                MR Findings: 
There is marked damage to the lateral collateral ligament of the coffin joint of the right front foot.  This includes focal areas of increased signal at both the origin as well as the insertion of the ligament.  In addition, there is lysis of the bone at the insertion site on P3.  The collateral ligament is diffusely enlarged with increased signal noted on all sequences.  There is evidence of chronic proliferative bone on the dorsal surface of P3 on the lateral quarter.  There is a slight irregularity noted in the sensitive lamina in this location. 
PD T2 Axial FSE 
Impressions and Recommendations:
Severe lateral collateral ligament desmitis of the right front foot with associated changes at both the origin and insertion sites on both P2 and P3.  The pedal osteitis and lamellar degeneration noted are likely contributing to the lameness.  This case is quite severe given the degree of bone and soft tissue pathology.  Many cases may have an enlarged collateral ligament with little or no signal or little or no boney changes.  Although often reported, this is likely a more common variation of normal in an athlete.  Prognosis for long term service ability is guarded.  Potential treatments could include shock wave therapy, IRAP, shoeing changes and extended rest.
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