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Calido Prox SuspSeven year old Andalusian gelding that became acutely lame in the right hind.  Blocks repeatedly to the origin of the suspensory.  Previous ultrasound exam was inconclusive as to the extent of the injury.
Calido Prox Susp 4Findings:
An MRI study was performed of the proximal metatarsus of both rear limbs.  The left limb was taken for comparison purposes.  There was a marked increase in size associated with the proximal suspensory ligament in the right hind limb measuring close to 2cm in diameter.  There was marked signal change in the proximal suspensory ligament.  This extended from the level of the tarsometatarsal joint distally approximately 8cm.  There was a fluid signal in the dorsal border of the suspensory ligament at the level approximately 4cm distal to the tarsometatarsal joint.  There was increased thickness of the adnexal tissues on the plantar aspect of the limb, which is consistent with cellulitis.  No significant changes were noted with the flexor tendons.  There was a subtle signal change associated with the plantar aspect of the proximal cannon bone on the gradient sequences suggestive of mild hemorrhage. 
Calidio Prox Susp 3Impressions and Recommendations: 
The MR changes are consistent with moderate to severe proximal suspensory ligament desmitis in the right hind limb with associated cellulitis and subtle hemorrhage in the cannon bone at the origin side of the proximal suspensory ligament.  The cellulitis present adjacent to the proximal suspensory interfered with the ability to obtain diagnostic ultrasound images.  Treatment options include stem cells, platelet rich plasma, regional perfusions to treat the cellulitis, IRAP and/or fasciotomy.  Please email us with any comments or suggestions.
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