Putting the Balance Back Into Your
PR Program 

When it comes to marketing and PR, two goals that are frequently heard from the boardroom to the hallway are focus and quality over quantity. Both are solid goals that direct valuable resources to be applied in the most effective means possible. And who can argue the merits of either? Yet in the spirit of reaching out to make these goals happen, we often find that balance takes a back seat.  

The Virtues of Balance
What does balance have to do with PR and why is balance at odds with our goals of focus and quality? Balance is the strategic outcome of a PR Program that incorporates time, recognition and influence into tactical initiatives. Let's say our focus is to reach C- level executives in three major industry sectors such as technology, automotive and healthcare. No doubt Business Week, WSJ, and Fortune would be a focus for media efforts. And since our goal is quality over quantity, we develop an intensive plan that outlines the actions that must be put forth and begin working the plan. However, if we add balance to this situation, we would then consider the amount of time it will take to land coverage in the three top publications and realize that other media related to our field must be pursued to ensure the company is on the radar screen. Are the efforts and the coverage from lesser, but relevant publications of value? You bet they are, because companies need to build awareness consistently and not micro-focus on only the big kill. Also, to get the big kill, you've got to be on the radar and a recognized player. Influence is power. And even C-level executives are influenced by in-the-trenches professionals who now know about your company and its offering. 

Get Balance and Round-Out Your PR
With a balanced approach, individual events are not the focus for measurement. Rather, the cumulative effect of many events or actions is what we want to look at to see if we are making progress in reaching our goals. The message of balance is this: Don't discount any opportunity or idea before evaluating it for tactical value in the mix of your overall PR program. At first glance, it seems that second-tier media should be eliminated from any program that aspires to have focus and go after quality vs. quantity. However, second-tier media can play a strategic roll in reaching a niche, being more timely, and providing a third-party endorsement. 

Means to an End
Picking and choosing the right means to your end goal is an art chocked full challenges and strategic opportunities.
Add a little balance to your goals and enjoy the results!
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