Marketing More Than Products 

Throughout the industry most high-tech marketing professionals center their activities on positioning, packaging and promoting products.  This is especially pronounced at companies that offer their products through retail and VAR channels.  As such, it is only natural that the PR effort follow suit focusing on the products as the centerpiece of publicity campaigns.  These campaigns almost always include a review program where writers for publications are given a product to try, test and write about.

The ultimate display of product promotion is allowing the product to speak for itself and by default the product becomes the voice of the company.  A great strategy for flawless products that can 'speak' well.  But even the greatest products can benefit from the power of a company voice.
Step-up and Speak-Out
Spokespersons enable a company to broaden its role in the media beyond product reviews to include commentary, views and predictions.  It is the way to become a trusted source and thought-leader and be recognized as an active participant in shaping the future.  This combined with product promotion creates a powerful presence that is well rounded and provides multiple dimensions for editorial coverage.
Ready to be Heard
"Great," you say - sign me up and a few of my
product managers too and we'll become spokespeople!

Tuning Your Voice

To be sure, spokespeople need to be viewed as products.  They need to be positioned, packaged and promoted.   It's worth it, since spokespeople are the voice of your company and what they say, who they say it to, and where they say it will make a big difference in today's competitive environment fraught with noise and distractions.  The spokesperson with the clearest, most compelling message delivered to the right audience at the right time -- wins.There are many qualities that make a good spokesperson:

  • Gifted at telling a story
  • Knowledgeable about trends, tech topics and usability issues
  • Articulate and personable
  • Able to provide good insights into the company
  • Capable of providing perspective on the topic at hand 

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Invest in your spokespeople with good coaching, thoughtful messaging documents, and a marketing culture that values those willing to put their voice on the line for the company.  A company voice is a powerful asset.
Develop your voice and speak well... we're listening! 

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