The Role of Blogs in Your PR Program

If you're like most technology marketing professionals you've heard the term blogs or weblogs frequently, but haven't considered their value in your communications program. As blogs gain importance, they present an incredible opportunity to get valuable insights into the minds of opinion leaders such as journalists as well as your potential customers. In some cases, blogs provide another opportunity for you to highlight product news or company accomplishments. However, make no mistake, the content of blogs is a true and unaltered reflection of the author of the blog.

Just what is a Blog? 


While many of us who are in the thick of high tech talk about the impact of the blogosphere, blogs are still an unknown to a great number of folks.   Next time you're at a party, ask what each person thinks a blog is and you're sure to get some definitions that will make you chuckle! The best one I've heard is, "oh isn't that a dark swampy place that harbors horror film creatures?"


A blog is a journal or diary maintained on the web that includes commentary, hyperlinks, and personal observations from the author or "blogger." Blogs are frequently updated and often have links to other blogs, creating a community of information and the sharing of ideas. Blogs cover every topic you can imagine and offer the opinion and perspective of the blogger. The blogging universe is estimated to range anywhere between 300,000 and 3 million sites. Software for blogging is readily available and is intended to be very simple to use so that anyone can self-publish. An example of a blog is Boing Boing which covers new technology products, the Internet, computer software, networking, and government news. Mark Frauenfelder, co-founder of Boing Boing Magazine, is a blogger and frequent contributor, and formally the editor of WIRED. His articles have also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, MIT Technology Review, Playboy, Business 2.0, and The Industry Standard. Check it out at


Blogs and the Media


Blogs are naturally becoming a good inside source for media researching a current event or user opinions. The credibility of blogs can be very high as it is the unfiltered view of the blogger. The reverse can also be true as there are no standards or moderating intermediaries reviewing the content. It is freedom of speech in its purest form.


What you should know is that hundreds of journalists have their own blogs: Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Dan Gillmor formally of the San Jose Mercury News, and John Dvorak, PC Magazine columnist to name just a few. These journalists use blogs to cover stories their outlets may pass up, or expand upon topics that had only limited coverage in their newspaper, magazine, etc. This forum gives reporters a chance to voice their opinions as an alternative to traditional journalistic objectivity. For your public relations program, it gives you another venue to build and deepen the relationship with a reporter and another method to get your company or product exposure. Blogs such as are specifically chartered with reviewing gadgets and have substantial readership. Another example of a blog is Compendium which is spearheaded by Adam Gaffin of Network World and can be found at


Get Your Listing of Top Media Blogs Today
We've recently compiled a listing of what we believe to be some of the most important media blogs for high-tech marketing. Contact Lages & Associates for the listing, and have fun exploring the world of blogs through the eyes of the same press that you are aiming to build relationships with as part of your communications programs.


Maybe you're wondering how viewers keep in touch and find the right blogs? In many cases interested readers can subscribe to their favorite blogs so that they receive the updates immediately. If you would like to learn more about Lages & Associates... Otherwise readers find blogs through searches for topics of interest and bookmark the ones they wish to keep handy. Blogs often link to related blogs creating a community based upon interests.


Blogging is good for business. Try incorporating some blogging strategies into your marketing mix and see for yourself the benefits of blogs!

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