October 2012 
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MIM"An important film for our troubled times. Its narrative has a place in America's message of change and in the feminist movement that is gaining momentum in many predominantly Muslim countries." 
The Feminist Review
When former Wall Street Journal journalist and single mother Asra Q. Nomani returns from working in Pakistan to her hometown mosque in Morgantown, West Virginia, she believes she sees signs of trouble: exclusion of women, intolerance toward non-believers, and suspicion of the West. She begins a campaign to drag the mosque's practices into the 21st century, triggering a heated battle between tradition and modernity. Nomani's activist tactics alienate would-be allies in the mosque, leading many to wonder who most deserves the label of "extremist." This riveting Emmy® Award nominated film is not only about women's rights in the mosque but about the struggles of a Muslim community faces as it strives to be a part of American life. 
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MRS. GOUNDO'S DAUGHTER Mrs. Goundo is fighting to remain in the United States. Threatened with deportation, her two-year-old daughter could be forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM), like 85 percent of women and girls in Mali.
List Price: $295.00 | Sale Price: $147.50
IN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY: HONOR KILLINGS IN NORTH AMERICA  Emmy® winner Shelley Saywell examines three cases of murderous attacks on North American Muslim teenagers by family members in this riveting investigation of "honor killings" of girls in Muslim immigrant families. 
List Price: $295.00 | Sale Price: $147.50 
THE NOBLE STRUGGLE OF AMINA WADUD  Amina Wadud shocked the Islamic world by leading a mixed-gender Friday prayer congregation in New York. In defying 1400 years of Islamic tradition, her action caused global awareness of the struggle for women's rights within Islam but also brought violence and death threats against her. 
List Price: $195.00 | Sale Price: $97.50 
A PLACE CALLED HOME Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri grew up in pre-Revolution Tehran daydreaming about an ideal life in the West. Nineteen years later, after living and working in the U.S., Persheng explores her controversial decision to move back to Iran, to return to the place she never stopped calling home.
List Price: $225.00 | Sale Price: $112.50  
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