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NUMBER 9 - JULY 9, 2012
July 6 Joint Press Conference

On Friday, June 6, 2012, ETFO President Sam Hammond met with media representatives to communicate ETFO's position regarding the deal reached by the government with Catholic teachers the previous day. President Hammond was joined at the joint press conference by the Presidents of OSSTF, AEFO, and CUPE Ontario, who also commented on the deal.
July 6th join press conference - ETFO/OSSTF/AEFO/CUPE
L to R: Fred Hahn (CUPE), Anne Vinet Roy (AEFO), Ken Coran (OSSTF), Sam Hammond (ETFO)
Video of the press conference is available on ETFO's YouTube channel and on the Control Your Future (CYF) website: 
July 6 Media Release

Immediately following the press conference, the following message was sent to members of the media across the province:

The provincial government's deal reached with Catholic teachers is jeopardizing the future for students, young teachers, and an internationally renowned education system, according to the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO).
"This deal does not put students first, it's demoralizing for educators, and leaves an uncertain future for younger teachers," said ETFO President Sam Hammond speaking at a media conference today. "It removes hundreds of millions of dollars from a public education system that is internationally renowned for its success. Who really believes that you can take that kind of money out of education without jeopardizing the future of student success?"
"This deal does not mitigate the impact of the government's original parameters; in fact it is not a blueprint for anyone to follow," added Hammond. "It will be a roadblock to local bargaining and cause frustration and disruption in the school system as local boards struggle to reach collective agreements without the ability to actually bargain."
"Had the initial discussions been more collaborative and flexible, we could have found efficiencies that support student success and teachers without causing distress," said Hammond. "We understand the fiscal challenges facing all Ontarians. Unfortunately the government's only solution has been to attack teachers, doctors, and others in the public sector."
"What concerns me is that the government's media release only hints at what it will target in the next round of bargaining. That means more cuts at the expense of children and younger teachers for decades to come."

Media Coverage

The joint press conference was well attended by media and received significant coverage on television and radio, in print, and online.  Links to a sample of that coverage are included here:

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