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ETFO eNewsletter - Bargaining Edition
NUMBER 7 - JUNE 26, 2012
93% of ETFO Members in Favour of One-Day Walkout 

Recently, ETFO members participated in an all-member vote to assess support for a one-day political protest in the event the Ontario government introduces legislation imposing unilateral changes to ETFO collective agreements or to the collective bargaining process.


Over the course of two weeks, information meetings were held in every local. ETFO members were given the opportunity to cast their ballots in support of, or in opposition to, a one-day political protest.

Members attending a meeting.
All members - teachers, occasional teachers, DECEs, ESPs, and PSPs - were given an opportunity to vote on the question of holding a one-day political protest.

An overwhelming majority of ETFO members participated in the political protest vote, and the results are now available: 93% of voting members are in support of a one-day political protest if required by government actions.


The vote result sends a clear message to the Premier and the government that ETFO members are ready to protect their collective agreements and defend their legal collective bargaining rights.

June Collective Bargaining Update
Thumbnail - The Collective Bargaining Process Chart
Click the graphic to learn more about the steps in the collective bargaining process (PDF)

ETFO collective agreements expire on August 31, 2012. Under the Ontario Labour Relations Act, collective bargaining can begin within 90 days of the expiry of the current collective agreement, or at any other time permitted in the collective agreement.   Effective June 1, 2012, public school boards in Ontario were given notice by the Provincial Office of ETFO's intent to begin local bargaining.


Members will be kept informed about the progress of local bargaining through ETFO Provincial Takeover Bulletins. The first Provincial Takeover Bulletin was sent to members earlier in June.


Province-wide developments regarding collective bargaining will continue to be posted on the ETFO Control Your Future website ( and will be forwarded to subscribers through this eNewsletter.
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iPad 3  

Congratulations to ETFO members Anne McIntosh and Betty Anne Patterson, the latest winners of ETFO's Control Your Future contest!


Both Anne and Betty Anne will be receiving an iPad 3, as well as a selection of iPad accessories (wireless keyboard, dock, smart cover, AppleCare Protection Plan).


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CYF Website and eNewsletter win Golden Leaf Awards
Canadian Education Press Association  

ETFO's online collective bargaining communication tools have received two prestigious media awards.


Both the Control Your Future website ( and the ETFO Special Edition Collective Bargaining eNewsletter received Golden Leaf Awards of Excellence at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Educational Press Association (CEPA).


CEPA is a national group of writers, editors and media relations professionals from teacher organizations across Canada. The CEPA Golden Leaf Award recognizes education communications material that is creative, original and conveys a clear message to its target audience.

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