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NUMBER 5 - MAY 22, 2012
ETFO Publishes Open Letter to MPPs Regarding Wage Freeze Legislation

Full-page advertisement warns against effects of proposed public sector wage-freeze plan

On Saturday, May 19th, ETFO published a full-page open letter addressed to Ontario's Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs).  The open letter was distributed in 29 Ontario newspapers and expressed opposition to Bill 92, a proposed public sector wage freeze bill tabled in the Legislature last week by a Conservative MPP. 


The letter - which includes the names of all provincial Executive members as well as every ETFO local president - contends that freezing public sector wages and benefits is not the way to deal with the government's deficit. 


"In Ontario, according to Statistics Canada, 36 cents of every dollar of public sector spending is used to purchase goods or services in the private sector," the open letter points out.


"To unilaterally freeze public sector wages, benefits, and grid movement, without negotiating, without bargaining in good faith, is misguided and wrong."


The letter concludes by asking MPPs to respect free collective bargaining and "renounce Bill 92 and all that it represents."


Click here to download a pdf copy of the open letter.
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