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MAY 18, 2012
GSA Conference 

On May 11 and 12, ETFO sponsored the first-ever Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Symposium to help teachers establish GSAs for grades 7 and 8 students in public elementary schools.
ETFO members Christine, Laurie, Laura, Greg, Mia and Amanda
ETFO members Christine, Laurie, Laura, Greg, Mia and Amanda
"GSA groups must be supported in all schools where students or staff request them because they help ensure the safety of all students, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and questioning students," said ETFO President Sam Hammond.

"This symposium is meant to support our teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that schools are inclusive and welcoming for all students."

The conference is all the more timely given the Ontario government's introduction of Bill 13 The Accepting Schools Act. The Act, which would help prevent gender-based violence and incidents based on homophobia and transphobia, calls for school boards to support organizations such as gay-straight alliances.

Respect Teachers, Respect Collective Bargaining Campaign

This May, thousands of ETFO members are participating in a Respect Teachers, Respect Collective Bargaining campaign by sending postcards to the Premier, the Minister of Education, and their local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP).

Members can use the postcards to tell legislators about the impact the proposed PDT cuts will have on them personally and to demand that the Minister and their MPP respect free collective bargaining.

The postcards also provide an opportunity to remind the Premier that the demands the province is currently making on teachers will destroy a partnership that has been eight years in the making.

Teachers should see their ETFO steward to obtain the postcards. OTs, DECEs and ESPs will receive them in the mail at home.

If you have trouble accessing the postcards, please email Lisa Mastrobuono, ETFO Collective Bargaining Communications, at

Take this opportunity to speak out!
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GSA Conference
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Videos Shed Light on the Austerity Agenda and the Attack on Public Services

Two new videos from the May 2-3 Representative Council meeting are available at and on our YouTube Channel:

Jim Stanford
Dr. Jim Stanford, CAW economist, debunks myths with his keynote address "The Macroeconomics of Recession, Deficits, and Austerity."
Susan Lambert
Susan Lambert, BCTF President, briefs ETFO's Representative Council on developments in her province and what they mean for teachers in Ontario.
ETFO in Focus 
On May 4 and 5, 2012 more than 80 teachers participated in ETFO's Financial Health Conference at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel. The conference was designed to provide participants from across the province with an opportunity to increase their financial literacy and learn about proactive strategies to reflect on, and address, their financial fitness. For the full photo album, please visit the ETFO website.

David Chilton - the Wealthy Barber
David Chilton - The Wealthy Barber
A member at the ETFO Financial Conference
A member enjoys the session
For Your Information
  • The latest online survey from the Canadian Teachers' Federation is entitled
    "Teaching the Way We Aspire to Teach - Now and in the Future." ETFO members are encouraged to complete this short survey up until May 29th. The results of the surveys are invaluable to the CTF and ETFO in helping to represent the interests of educators at the provincial and national levels. For more details and the survey link, please visit the ETFO website.

  • ETFO Professional Services is seeking members to present a workshop on ADHD in ETFO locals across the province during the 2012-2013 school year. Applicants should have a thorough understanding of ADD/ADHD and a sound grasp of adult learning principles. For more information, please visit the ETFO website.

  • Dr. Rena Upitis from Queen's University has completed a comprehensive Arts literature review for ETFO. This resource highlights ways to support and advance Arts education to make it a central part of the education of the whole child. To download a copy, please visit the ETFO Website.

  • A Member's Guide to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Injured at work? This booklet provides a general overview of the WSIB process, including filing a claim, appealing a negative decision, medical evidence needed to support a claim, and more. Return-to-work issues following a workplace accident or illness are also discussed. This resource is located at

  • A Member's Guide to Long Term Disability. This booklet consists of generic advice for members regarding the long term disability process. It deals with a wide variety of issues from applying for LTD, providing supportive medical documentation, how return-to-work plans are developed, and more. This resource is located at
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