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Teacher agreements in ON must be 2 or 4 years in length
ETFO eNewsletter - Bargaining Edition
NUMBER 2 - APRIL 12, 2012
Video: April 12 Press Conference
ETFO President Sam Hammond held a press conference this morning to respond to Education Minister Laurel Broten's statement from Monday regarding the Federation's involvement in provincial discussions. President Hammond spoke for about 10 minutes, then took questions from the many reporters in attendance.

To view the president's address, please visit the Control Your Future website. A YouTube version is also available for sharing via social media, email, etc.

View the Press Conference with President Sam Hammond
Letter from The President re the Government's PDT Parameters
On April 4th, President Hammond released a letter outlining the impact the government's Provincial Discussion Table parameters will have on both the personal and professional lives of all ETFO members.

The letter lists each of the contract strips proposed by the government and then explains how these measures will affect both members and the profession.

President Hammond ends by calling on members to contact their MPP to express their concern about this "...unprecedented attack on the professionalism and welfare of Ontario's teachers..."

The full letter is available on the Control Your Future website
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