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MARCH 29, 2012
Hammond: Austerity Budget Punishes Ontarians for a Deficit They Didn't Create
ETFO President Sam Hammond
In a recent media release, ETFO President Sam Hammond strongly criticized the austerity budget tabled by the McGuinty government on March 27th.

"Whether you're working or not, whether you're unionized or not, ordinary Ontarians are being asked to take a hit that many economists say is not necessary," said Hammond. 

"The government is saying that for every dollar in revenue, it has found four dollars of savings and cost-containment measures. Those 'savings' are not savings for the people of Ontario...." who are increasingly relying on social and public services during the protracted economic downturn.


In education "the drop in ... funding to 1.7% per year - which will mostly be spent on full-day kindergarten - doesn't even keep up with the 2% inflation rate. This will mean cuts to classrooms and services."


Hammond continues by pointing out that cuts to vital public services - built with our tax dollars - are being used to pay for a deficit that working people did not create:

"Given that financial sector speculation, the global recession, and the subsequent bail-out of companies created the deficit, this government has steadfastly refused to address the revenue side of the equation," he said. "Ontario doesn't have a spending problem; it has a revenue problem."
To read the full media release, please visit the ETFO website.


  1. Austerity budgets don't work.
  2. Ontario is not in a 'fiscal crisis.'
  3. Ontario has a revenue problem, not a spending problem.
  4. Investment in public infrastructure has always put us on the road to economic recovery.  
  5. Public services didn't create Ontario's budget deficit.
  6. Ontarians didn't vote for an austerity budget.
  7. Austerity is tearing the social fabric of what makes Ontario a great place to live.
  8. The budget targets the poor and vulnerable.
  9. Austerity plans will take a toll on women.
  10. Ontario needs a strong middle class for a strong economy.

For full explanations of the 10 reasons, please see this web page.  

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When you see an electrical hazard, don't wait. Report this hazard right away to your principal. It's your duty to report health and safety concerns or incidents. It's you principal's duty to investigate and deal with those reports so that nobody gets hurt. The electrical equipment at your school must be kept in good condition. When you report health and safety hazards you can count on support from your ETFO Local steward and your health and safety representative. Get advice from your ETFO Local president. Your president can contact ETFO Provincial for expert health and safety advice.

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This practical two-day workshop took place March 26-27 at provincial office. It provided an opportunity for members who regularly present workshops to expand their presentation skills. Participants revised an existing workshop with colleagues, developed effective voice strategies, and continued to build their facilitation skills to achieve high levels of audience engagement. To view the full photo gallery, please visit the ETFO website.

Beyond the Workshop Presenter's Palette 2012

Beyond the Workshop Presenter's Palette 2012
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  • Bullying Stops Now Conference - April 17th, 2012. York University's Faculties of Education and Health extend an invitation for staff, school and system leaders to attend this full day conference dealing specifically with bullying, cyber-bullying, sexting, legal issues and newly proposed legislation from our provincial government. Register now at

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