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March 2012

Hello and welcome to the first edition of our electronic newsletter!  With these periodic emails, we will provide information on various topics that we hope you will find valuable and of interest.  Please feel free to forward this along to any family members or friends you feel may benefit from its content.

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Karen, Richard, Janet, Ingrid and Sheila

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Happy Retirement

Is providing a guaranteed income for life in retirement a thing of the past?  Many families are wondering if they will be able to build up their personal savings to cover their retirement plans, and fear they could outlive their money.  



Fortunately, there are solutions.  Watch this video to see how we can help you to embrace your retirement with confidence by creating a personal pension plan, that will guarantee a sustainable stream of income for life.


Recent economic turmoil, volatility in Work & Retirementfinancial markets, uncertainties of funds and retirement savings; we have all seen the headlines -- so where should we invest?

Take a look at why it should not matter what the markets are doing ~ long-term performance inevitably delivers positive outcomes for those willing to wait.
Spouse in the House

Couples often go through a period of adjustment after they retire.  Here are Here are some tips  that may help you in your transition.
Spectrum Team 
Following Your Spectrum Team



We sadly had to say good-bye to Tanya Johnson at the end of 2011.  Tanya was needed back at home to help run the family contracting business.  We wish her great success!   


To take Tanya's place, we are extremely fortunate to welcome
Sheila Wilson back to our team!  Sheila is excited to re-claim her post and we are thrilled to have her working directly with us once again.


"Admitting blindness is the beginning of vision."
Author Unknown