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 October 11, 2011

 7:00 pm

 Fine'ally Affordable Art

 370 Winkler Road Suite C 

 Alpharetta, Georgia 30004   


meeting agenda
  • President's message, Ray Hoyum 
  • Committee reports and upcoming events
  • Treasure Report, Susan Mclean 

   (Short break)

  • Member, Penny Beesley, introduces guest speaker Sharron Ragan   

Sharron Ragan  

Sharron Ragan  

will present

"The Top 10 Marketing Steps Every Artist Should Know. "   


To some artists marketing is easy but to most it's a mystery and a hap-hazard process.  This presentation is a guide to help artists learn about the critical key steps that all successful business owners, big or small, apply to create success.   With a changing economy it's even more important for artists to know what to do to sell their work.


Sharron specializes in boosting creativity, productivity, and innovation among businesses and organizations, thereby helping them improve performance and foster greater success among their teams. 


You can find more information about her unique work at  .


  • Adjournment    

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