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October 2011

Issue No.2011-02

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Editor, Danita Grant


     Through visionary leadership, the Alpha Arts Guild has positioned itself as a leader in North Georgia visual arts. Championing the cause of artists and their communities, the AAG has created an environment for a better understanding and appreciation of the arts. This positive environment provides an exciting platform for future programs and activities.


     Spanning a wide area from Cobb to Forsyth counties, the Alpha Arts Guild has a unique opportunity to partner with a wide array of art centers and guilds. By working with these diverse groups, the AAG Board and its committees will provide significant learning and educational experiences for the AAG members, as well as, giving back to the communities in which we live.


     As President of the Alpha Arts Guild, I am committed to not only support existing AAG programs, but to reach out and expand our networking and fiscal support for the AAG through the business communities. We also plan to encourage more involvement of patrons for the arts; an extremely valuable asset for the fulfillment of our mission and dreams.  


     Your AAG Board has an ambitious agenda for the next several years. For example, they plan to further develop the AAG website and member galleries, provide quarterly newsletters, an annual juried art show, as well as, professional workshops and other educational opportunities. In addition, they plan to provide networking events with other artists, galleries and communities, as well as, gallery and artist studio tours and special social events. All in all, this year promises to be fun and exciting.


     Last, but certainly not least, the Marketing and Public Relations Committee has developed a new tri-fold AAG brochure and associated materials. These exciting new marketing pieces will position the Alpha Arts Guild as a true leader in the North Georgia art world.


Best Regards,

Ray Hoyum



Church Street Village Art Show

hosted by

Monfort's Fine Arts Gallery and the Alpha Arts Guild



Monforts 2.wmv

Click on the virtual art show

and enjoy our members' art!


meeting guest presenter          

Sybil LaTour Herron 

introduction by Betty of Sybil
Member Betty Walser (left)


  Guest Presenter Sybil Herron (right)


Sybil LaTour Herron was the Guild's " Working through Daydreaming" guest speaker at the September kick off meeting. She has been an active member of Roswell Fine Arts Alliance and her work can be seen around Roswell and at Gallery 35. Sybil, originally from Louisiana, started her art career about 15 years ago when her family started to leave the nest. She focused on drawing, oils, and pastels in her early years, then went on to watercolor, collage and clay when she moved to Roswell. Her most recent passion is Doodling, and she takes it to the next level!


Showing us her artwork, and giving us fluid ink pens and art paper (thanks Noni), we got to try our hand at doodling. There are no rules! Just do what you feel. It was very releasing for most, and tough for others to think outside the box (what box?) The meeting certainly allowed everyone to experience an easy creative art hobby with the whimsy of a daydreaming moment. 



member artist

Penny Beesely



Collage for Penny Beesely


CLICK HERE to visit Penny's AAG Web Gallery 


Penny Beesley was raised in an art loving family and encouraged at an early age to pursue her artistic aptitude. Weekends were often spent at her father's elbow, in class or in his studio, exploring clay, acrylic, watercolor or experimental media. Art was a very focal point during high school, rewarded by the purchase of a Cranbrook loom and a foray into spinning, natural dyes and multimedia weaving.  Pieces began to sell!   Click here to read more.... 



web talk


The Gallery                                                                                          

Snapshot of the AAG Web Gallery 

The Alpha Arts Guild's web site focuses on showcasing its members' art work in the GALLERY.  The public can browse though selections of our members' art found in the GUILD ART SHOW.  


As a member of the Guild every artist is invited to select three of their works for display in the virtual gallery. Enjoy the talents of the Alpha Arts Guild at   Better yet, join the Guild and showcase your art on the web site! 



public arts committee

Our Focus and Committment 


The primary role of this Alpha Arts Guild Public Arts committee is to work with communities and art organizations in North Georgia to plan and implement more public art venues. In the near future, this committee plans to start reaching out to the appropriate city planners to develop a partnership, as well as, explore opportunities to promote public art. This is part of the Alpha Arts Guild's commitment to give back to the communities in which we work and live. Join this group by clicking here and help us network with civic movers and shakers as we work to elevate the role of art in our communities.


public art montage




marketing and public relations committee

Promote and Communicate


The Marketing and Public Relations Committee for the AAG is working to promote this organization to its local community and beyond. The AAG's website can bring all members and potential members up to date with the Guild's current events and meetings.


The most current project being put together is a membership brochure for potential new members. Already an initial mock-up or comp for a tri-fold membership brochure was presented at the Sept. 13th Guild meeting to members. Some fine tuning to the brochure is in the works and we hope to have something ready for the new year. There is also a discussion to make a second, business targeted brochure aimed at corporate sponsorship for the organization.


Looking towards future events, various materials will be developed to advertise and promote art shows, sales and the like through promotional ads, flyers/posters and online items. The AAG currently relies on its website for our online presence. This email newsletter, spotlighting the Guild's most recent activities and sharing our future vision, is our latest marketing outreach. Please feel free to share it with families friends and co-workers.
FInally, do you have ideas and suggestions  to promote and publicize our Guild? Let us know by clicking here.





TUESDAY OCT. 11, 2011
7:00 PM

Our Mission Statement



To promote greater visibility and awareness of Georgia artists and their contribution to the community by celebrating the power of Creativity and Imagination. 



To provide an environment of camaraderie among artist; fostering understanding, education and appreciation.



Helen Palacia Girl Reading

Girl Reading  

by AAG Member

Helen Palacio


CLICK HERE  to visit Helen's AAG Web Gallery  



Board Members


President, Ray Hoyum   


1st Vice-President, Kim Scruggs


2nd Vice-President, Michael Lee  


Treasurer/Secretary,Susan McLean


Member-at-Large, Isabelle Gautier


Member-at-Large, Noni Royal  




Guild Committees Chair Members 


Annual Art Show, Mike Lee 


Marketing and Public Relations, Craig Ford


Membership, Sandra Barth


Public Arts, Mariam Hoyum


Special Events/ Programming, Susan McLean and Kim Scruggs 



Barbara Andersons Daisy

From the Garden  

by AAG Member Barbara Anderson



to visit Barbara's AAG Web Gallery 



Become a member!


The Guild welcomes all who are interested in the visual arts - artist and patrons. The guild's activities, professional  associations and resources are not restricted nor limited by any geographic boundaries.


Click Here for a guild membership application 



Mustangs in the Wild by Michael Lee

Mustangs in the Wild

by AAG Member Michael Lee




to visit Michael's AAG Web Gallery 



Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.  ~Henry Ward Beecher


Carol Wheeler Mystic Garden

Mystic Flower Garden

 by AAG Member

Carol Jean Wheeler




to visit Carol's AAG Gallery  



Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.

    --Andre Gide

Jim Lappe Cambell Tire Company

Cambell Tire Company

by AAG Member

 Jim Lappe



to visit Jim's AAG Gallery