Newsletter #4
June 2012
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Are you looking for a guarantee for success?
Harness the Power of Journaling
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Are you looking for a guarantee for success?
Abraham Maslow's Self-Actualization
What holds you back in anything you think about but do not dare action?


And I mean something substantial; like for example your hobbies, interests, pastime, passions, dreams, aspirations and finally your inherent need for Maslow's self-actualization. You reach a stage in life when money does not motivate you any more.  You need the money but that is not the only reason you keep going or at least that is what Maslow's universal law states.  



You are looking for self actualization, a personal bench mark or yardstick or even accomplishment. Something you need to stretch for and put in an extra effort into. Something that will shake you out of that comfort zone you are safely nestled in. Something beyond the ordinary. But do you reach that point at all? Or is that buried under the million mundane activities that rule your life? What is stopping you?

Is it a lack of confidence, lack of belief in yourself, fear of failure, fear of success (yes, there is such a thing and you may be shocked to know that it is more pervasive than fear of failure!) or plain and simple lack of the action imperative. You wallow in the thinking stage virtually paralyzed into inactivity. 


And of course there are those "ifs" and "buts" that our rigmarole ridden lives are strewn with - what if I cannot achieve my dream, what if I fail, what if I cannot get my job back, but how will I survive without that monthly pay check, what if I am left unemployed for a long time, what if my bank account starts dwindling and so on. Riding piggy back on these sensational excuses are their illustrious cousins - what will my family, friends, ex-colleagues, peers, boss think of me if I am without work and struggling, what if I fall sick getting stressed out at trying to make a success of myself, the list is endless. It is ironical that the kind of energy we are able to invest in manufacturing reasons why we cannot accomplish something is seldom noticeable in actually doing or trying something.  


Your Personal Genie
Well, what if like in the case of Aladdin, the all-bestowing Genie appeared before you and granted you one wish with the only condition that it be something you love to do, the single most burning desire in you. Would that shake you out of that inertia and move you into the action mode?  


Consider then that the Genie has indeed granted you that wish. Do the one thing that you always dreamt about with the Genie's assurance of it coming true in your life, aka, the guarantee for success!!! 
Would it make a difference? 

Is it the guarantee of success that is holding you back? Is there such a thing? Life is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and there are no guarantees. Our existence on this earth itself is not only pre-determined but also for a finite amount of time. How then can any guarantee be provided? 


Your legacy
The Almighty meant for us to achieve our life purpose and justify our existence on this planet. If we do not strive for that purpose, we would have left no worthwhile legacy for others to follow. 
What would you like to be remembered as after your time? Are you working on that right now during your current life? Think about that.

Earlier we talked about fear of success and while it may be counter intuitive to the progress that one should strive for, it is often the reason you do not "go for it." You do not like the idea of basking in an aura of achievement, you do not like being in the limelight lest it demand more from you than the standard activities. It is that comfort zone we talked about. It kills any new initiative or endeavor. You are relegated to being on "cruise" mode.
Napoleon Hill (the author of the all time classic: "Think & Grow Rich," once said: If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always got.

Let me then leave you with a couple of questions to reflect on:
Would you want the next decade or two of your life to be the same as the previous decade or two? 
Would you not want to see incremental progress in yourself towards self actualization? 


Harness the power of journaling

The Power of Journaling

A voyage of discovery of your self in itself!



We live in hectic times. We pursue demanding careers. We have busy lives. Our working lives command the most significant chunk of our years of existence. In all this frenetic activity, we budget for everything under the sun except time to ourselves. It speaks much for our priorities.
It is paradoxical that we know more about the world around us than ourselves. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: "He who knows others is clever, he who knows himself is enlightened." 
Would you want to be clever or enlightened? It is a matter of individual choice. If you only want to know everything around you and the environment, people and so forth and not so much about your own self that is okay. After all, it is your life. On the other hand, if you would like to have answers to profound questions such as: who you are, where did you come from, where are you headed and so forth or want to know what is it that keeps you going, what philosophies you hold dear to heart and what is the meaning of your life, then you show a desire to be enlightened. While on this subject, it may be a good idea to clarify that you don't actually have to become a Buddha to be enlightened. You can find that state of peace of mind right within yourself.  
Enter the life skill of journaling! 
Journaling is a powerful, life changing habit that seeks to make a significant contribution to that goal which Lao Tzu referred to as "enlightenment." It is a voyage of discovery of your self in itself. What does a journal do and why should you be journalling? 
A mirror to your sub-conscious 
A journal is any system of writing down activities, events, thoughts, ideas, emotions, fears, frustrations, joy, sorrow, accomplishments, or any other matter related to yourself. Journals are private repositories. Their main purpose is to get you to unburden your thoughts and put them down in written form. They may refer to past experiences, present thoughts or future visualizations.
Our minds churn up thoughts at a speed which makes even our vaunted super computers look like the efforts of an old stage man's crude catapult tool. Thoughts are fleeting and are gone forever if not captured in writing.  
Nothing is more powerful than the power of our minds. Moreover, we possess two distinct types of mind power: that of the conscious (rational) mind and the sub-conscious (emotional) mind.  
The conscious mind is the seat of logic and reasoning. The sub-conscious mind on the other hand is the home of our beliefs and memories. Our lives are ruled with an iron hand by the conscious, rational mind. Our sub-conscious mind almost has no chance to assert itself against the onslaught of that rational mind. In short, we are ruled by logic and reasoning
But everything in the world does not run by logic and reasoning alone. In fact, human endeavor is more the product of emotions and experiences rather than mere logic. For that, we have to invoke the sub-conscious mind. The rational mind just cannot cut it in this instance. 
Moreover, this is largely by choice. We can gain access to our sub-conscious mind if we can invoke the power of its emotion and memories the right way. What do we mean by that? 
By simply ensuring that we do not resort to logic and reasoning all the time in understanding and interpreting life's experiences. 
Journaling provides that access to the sub-conscious mind through introspective writing
One of the most powerful results of journaling is the writing down of emotions clarifying our thoughts. Journaling allows that space between a thought we are experiencing and it's real emotional meaning. This is why journaling is said to be therapeutic. It has the power of healing.
Powerhouse of Problem Solving 
Journaling, on the other hand is also a powerhouse of problem solving. When you write down in your journal a particular problem or dilemma you are facing at work and state clearly what it is and why you are feeling frustrated because you cannot find a solution, just the fact that you have written it down will get your sub-conscious mind working on it. Sooner than later it will deliver the solution in the form of an involuntary nudge in the right direction. This kind of result can never be produced by a conscious, rational mind. Many times that nudge will come in the form of a message conveyed through your intuition or sixth sense. The sixth sense is directly related to the sub-conscious mind
So, next time you have a difficult task at work or any where else and you are not making headway, write it down in your journal clearly including the emotions of frustrations, fear that you are going through.  
Re-visit and review your own journal post and let the sub-conscious mind produce its magic. But of course, you must believe in it and your journaling must be a continuous activity not a one time affair.
Repetition and emotion rule memory and reviewing a journal writing will invoke that strength of the sub-conscious. 
All human efforts find their birth place in a thought that inspired, a belief which was created and commitment that was sealed. That place may well be your journal
Give it a shot TODAY! it will change your life.
Next Issue (see you in July 2012)
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