Newsletter #3
May 2012
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Can you name your deepest fears?
Do you believe in your gut?
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Can you name your deepest fears?
Your Fears
How would it feel like to conquer them?


Your fears are destructive
Your fears are potent, persistent elements that remain with you as long as you do not resolve to dislodge them. They are destructive to your belief system - the mechanism that creates the ability to surpass yourself.


The genesis of fears is in your experiences. In particular, fears are carried over from childhood. If you had good experiences for example in trusting human beings and had that trust justified you are more likely to be trusting as an adult. On the other hand, if you were betrayed quite often you will grow up with an innate suspicion about human beings. Moreover, many of these experiences, both good and bad are bequeathed to us by our nears and dears, not deliberately, nevertheless planting a seed in our personality traits and sealing it almost in perpetuity.  


Self fulfilling prophecies 
Fears become self fulfilling prophecies when key figures in our lives say something negative about us or our abilities. For instance, a remark of a parent that one child is better skilled than another, or even worse, that the child is not capable of a particular skill at all crushes the self esteem so badly at to become a lifelong burden. It leaves a scar which may not be remedied by any kind of salve. 


So, what is it about fears that are destructive in nature. To begin with, fears paralyze you. You are not in a position to think straight. More critically, you under estimate your abilities enormously. You begin to doubt whether you have any abilities.This not only prevents you from forging ahead confidently but virtually freezes you into inactivity. When you reach that state of low self-esteem you feel like a worm. You retreat into your shell and shun the world. Any interaction with fellow human beings only deepens the sense of worthlessness. 


Action cures fear
The only antidote to paralyzing fear is to take deliberate action about the thing you fear. Action cures fear.  


One of the most common fears that get entrenched in many of us is the fear of public speaking. This was the case with me too. I grew up in a very conservative neighborhood in the south of India where being low key was a huge plus. Expressing your opinion in social gatherings was frowned upon. You had to be a conformist. This actually forced you into building a wall around yourself, become part of a crowd and just merge in. This turned me into a introvert.  


Many years later a rather life changing event occurred when my father was transferred to the capital city New Delhi where everything from the environment to the language being spoken changed completely. Not only was I forced to adjust to the new place but I had to contend with total strangers and had to build a totally new set of friends. In a way this was providential. I begin to shed the reticence in interacting with people. Along the way, I started picking up the ability to speak fluently in the national language. As my confidence grew, my fears were being pushed back inexorably. I also started noticing something very startling. With the new found confidence levels, I was discovering that I was slowly becoming a spontaneous speaker in social gatherings. Although there was no overnight conversion to an extroverted personality, I was moving in that direction most definitely. It was as if the weeds of fear were being replaced with healthy growing plants. Even friends started commenting about the change. It was most certainly a change for the better.


But this was also greatly due to my determination to overcome the fear. It is something you internalize. Nobody can take that decision for you. They can help you, support you and encourage you but you need to travel that path yourself. And at the end of the day, it is a liberating feeling.  You feel the shackles of doubt being removed. You feel invigorated. You feel confident. It is amazing how the ability to operate with confidence comes flooding back. You have just dealt a death blow to the fear in you.

Let me leave you with some questions to ponder over.


What is the deepest fear you have right now? What can you do to remove it right now?


Do you believe in your "gut"?

IntuitionWhat is "gut" anyway?


Your sixth sense 
Did you ever have the feeling in your bones that your sub-conscious mind is trying to tell you something but you do not pay attention to it? It is quite persistent and keeps returning with the message but you have a million mundane activities of life to deal with and hence do not heed that call. You simply brush it aside.

At other times, you are trying to decide something and all evidence you have gathered is telling you to go ahead with that decision but there is that indescribably nagging feeling that is quietly saying "no" to the decision.

That feeling in your bones is actually your instinct or also known as your sixth sense at work. It is a call that "apparently" has no backing of facts or at least that is what we think. It is nevertheless very insistent and many times makes you feel uncomfortable. 

The sixth sense is called thus because it is as much a part of our sensory arsenal as the traditional senses of taste, sight, touch, hearing and smell. It however is highly mis-understood and moreover under utilized. Possibly, never utilized too.

Emotion and Intuition
Emotions are an intrinsic part of gut instinct. This is probably the reason why there is no validation for them. This however, by no means reduces their effectiveness.

"I don't think that emotion and intuition can be separated," says cognitive scientist Alexandre Linhares at the Brazilian School of Business and Public Administration. He further elaborates:
"Experience is encoded in our brains as a web of fact and feeling. When a new experience calls up a similar pattern, it doesn't unleash just stored knowledge but also an emotional state of mind and a predisposition to respond in a certain way. Imagine meeting a date who reminds you of loved ones and also of the emotions you've felt toward those people. Suddenly you begin to fall for him or her. "Intuition," says Linhares, "can be described as 'almost immediate situation understanding' as opposed to 'immediate knowledge.' Understanding is filled with emotion. We don't obtain knowledge of love, danger, or joy; we feel them in a meaningful way."

For a full reading on this article, please visit

Albert Einstein said: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
Do you take your decisions only after all facts and evidence have been gathered? Do you believe that something like intuition or gut power does not work? If yes, you are losing a power that is available to you and connects you to a greater consciousness than your rational mind will ever deliver. Intuition is linked to the subconscious mind which at most times is being admonished and put down by the conscious (rational) mind. Your sub-conscious mind holds a treasure trove of information that is for the most part dormant. This depends on how much of the calls of the sub-conscious mind (through what is known as the gut feeling) you heed.  The more you heed the more you will tap into that fund of knowledge.

So, next time, you feel, sense, hear that inner voice communicating something, pay attention, it will provide you with another powerful aid in not just thinking and decision making but possibly understanding your deepest thoughts and motivations.  
I will leave you with a few questions to ponder over. 
What do you know about your gut power?  Do you ever connect with your sub-conscious mind?
Next Issue (see you in June 2012)
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You need to be out of the box first to think outside itAre you?


What is your dominant intelligence? How does it benefit you to know this? 


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Believe in yourself and discover the genius in you.

Talk to you soon.
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