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 Don't miss our St. Paddy's dodgeball tournament! Registration deadline is March 1st.  


New Ways to Register

You can now register for all our programs from the comfort and convince of your own home. To register and view available programs please visit our web page and select any Register Online link.  

We always want to hear how our programs are going. Please take the time to fill out one or more of our surveys so we can serve you better! We sincerely appreciate your feedback.





We hope that you enjoyed our first newsletter and found the contents both enjoyable and informative. We will continue to work hard and bring you the most up to date information on all of our programs and activities, along with other relevant information. Just as a quick reminder, some of our registration deadlines for our spring programs are quickly approaching and beginning to fill. To ensure your registration is accepted don't wait, register today!

Registration Deadlines

As spring approaches we wanted to provide you with our program information and registration deadlines again for your convenience so you don't miss out!


Spring Basketball - Registration Deadline, February 15th

St. Paddy's Dodgeball Tournament - Registration Deadline, March 1st

Spring Volleyball - Registration Deadline, March. 9th

Spring/Summer Softball - April 1st

Spring Fling Softball Tournament - April 1st 


You can now register online for all Spokane County athletic programs by selecting any register online link!

handshakeIt's no surprise to us that during tournament play we see the competition getting stronger as teams work hard to win the #1 spot in their division. With 1 week left in our basketball tournament we would like to remind everyone about sportsmanship. Our staff including the referees and gym supervisors work hard so that everyone can have fun and enjoy the game. Please ensure you and your team are working towards this same goal.  A sportsman has been defined as a person who can take loss or defeat without complaint, or victory without gloating, and who treats his opponents with fairness, generosity, and courtesy. Unsportsmanlike behavior, according to the NCAA, is "to act in a manner unbecoming a fair, ethical, honorable individual. [In basketball] it consists of acts of deceit such as accepting a foul that should be charged to a teammate; faking being fouled; throwing a free throw awarded to another; disrespect such as making debasing or critical remarks about or to an official or an opponent; vulgarity, profanity, filthy language or obscene gestures whether or not directed to someone." Please remember that we are a rec league program, we want to encourage healthy competition and foster a positive atmosphere. Keep in mind that mistakes happen but everyone should remain focued on respecting each other and having a good time.
Registration Fees

indoor gymYou may have noticed that some program fees have increased. It is our priority to keep costs down enabling us to pass the saving on to you. However some costs continue to increase; the biggest factor is the overall increase in demand for available gym space, not just from our own organization but from others as well. One of our highest priorities is making sure that we are getting quality facilities for both basketball and volleyball leagues. We will continue to make every effort to keep our costs low while we search for facilities that will enhance our programs and meet your needs.   


As we look forward to warmer weather and blue skies keep recruiting for your spring and summer teams. For everyone playing in our upcoming tournaments we wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time!   



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Everybody loves a winner! But we also love our losers too! If your team didn't do as well as you planned and finished last place in your league don't worry because we've got something just for you. For any Spokane County basketball or volleyball team that finished last in their league, call the county office when you register for spring league basketball or volleyball and receive $25 off the spring registration fee. 
Offer valid for 2011 spring league only