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September 2011
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Emerson Perin, MD, PhD 

Director, Stem Cell Center 

Director, Clinical Research for Cardiovascular Medicine

Texas Heart Institute




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Hello Everyone,

Only 25 days until TSCR's big day! September 30 is rapidly approaching and we could not be more excited about our Annual Symposium featuring many of the leading scientists in the world sharing their latest advances in a variety of disciplines, including spinal cord injury and stroke. Please see the schedule for a complete list.

If you've never been to the AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas, you are in for a treat.  After an incredible day of learning, we will all head to Saengerrunde Hall next to Scholz Garten for more fun, with our Singin' for Cures fundraiser.  We'll have incredible food, refreshments and live music, Austin style. So put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away!

It's pretty rare to get these top doctors together in one place at the same time.  Mark your calendars, and tell your friends.  Don't miss this wonderful opportunity!

We also have a very fun event this Saturday in Manor. Thanks to two of our Advisory Council members, Johnny Madrid and Bret Baker, TSCR is hosting it's first annual Tailgate Party & Sporting Clay Challenge!  We'll have plenty of BBQ, cold refreshments, live music from The Regenerative Blues Band, horseshoe and washer pitching as well as a raffle for a brand new shotgun, courtesy of McBride's. Johnny has generously donated his place in Manor and we'll all watch the Longhorns take out BYU.  It's an all day event so please contact Bret Baker (512 797-2703) as soon as possible for more details and/or to participate.  Fundraisin' for our favorite cause and supporting the Longhorns... does it get any better?

I would also like to thank our board, advisory council members and volunteers who work so hard to make this day happen. It's truly a year long labor of love!   

Also, our Vice Chair, Keri Kimler just returned from a trip to meet with many of our impressive stem cell friends in California, visit  CIRM headquarters to attend a special patient advocate event to "meet the new Chairman of the board of the California stem cell program," Jonathan Thomas, PhD, JD.  This government program  continues to impact people around the world and it's impressive to see the genuine dedication to the patient advocacy community. She also had a chance to visit the University of California Davis where she toured their state-of-the-art stem cell labs.  Please read the following article from Dr. Paul Knoepfler's blog and his nice words about Keri and Roman Reed. (read here) Maybe now more people will know what we already do, there's not a much better patient advocate anywhere than our very own Keri Kimler. 

We still have sponsorship opportunities and VIP seating at the Singin' for Cures fundraiser, so please go to our website, txstemcell.org and sign up now!



David L. Bales


Texans for Stem Cell Research 




Stem cell science is an interdisciplinary field that often requires collaboration from researchers at multiple universities.     


THE EVENT of the YEAR  is  



The interest in stem cell research has never been greater in Texas and we are proud to be hosting this phenomenal stem cell education  event  in the great capital city on Friday, September 30th.    



The  2nd Annual Symposium will showcase eminent researchers and physicians from leading Texas Institutions and pioneers outside our great state who are currently investigating potential stem cell applications for treating diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis (MS), heart disease, diabetes, degenerative eye diseases, spinal cord injury, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.   


This distinguished panel of speakers includes leaders from all corners of the US and around the world who are well recognized and represent diverse specialties, including: cardiology, neurosurgery, neurology, immunology and oncology. This symposium will highlight the most current advances in stem cell biology, clinical research and promising developments in the emerging field of regenerative medicine.   


Respected industry leaders will also cover new technologies and directions in cord blood and stem cell banking.  TSCR is confident the symposium will expand the understanding and support for safe, ethical and responsible stem cell research.   


As part of TSCR's ongoing public outreach and education initiative, this event is free and open to the public.  Register Today!    

Register Here /  Official Event Site
Print Directions, Parking & Maps


Roger S. Gammon, MD


Medical Director of Research & Interventional Cardiologist

Austin Heart, PLLC

Stanley Wang, MD, JD, MPH

Austin Heart, PLLC



We are proud to announce that Austin Heart, PLLC, the largest provider of cardiac and vascular services in Central Texas, will return again this year as our official 2011 moderators of the Texans for Stem Cell Research 2nd Annual Symposium.  Austin Heart's Research Division led by Dr. Roger Gammon, contributes daily to the advancement of the science of cardiovascular medicine and is driven by a passion to provide the best possible care for patients.  Their clinical research program is dedicated to providing the most innovative and progressive care to patients, while advancing the science of medicine through the conduct of clinical trials.   



Dr. Gammon, Medical Director of Research and Interventional Cardiologist with Austin Heart, is the principal investigator of more than 50 trials and sub-investigator of 20 clinical trials.  His stem cell related research is focused on adult stem cell applications in patients after Acute Myocardial Infarction (MI) and in patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) due to Peripheral Vascular Disease.  Dr. Gammon will co-moderate the September 30th program with Dr. Stanley Wang.


Stanley Wang, MD, JD, MPH is a clinical cardiologist and director of legislative affairs for Austin Heart.  He is a member of the American Heart Association, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, and Travis County Medical Society.  He is a delegate of the Texas Medical Association and a councilor of the Texas Chapter of the American College of Cardiology.  Dr. Wang received a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas, a medical degree from UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a master's degree in public health from the Harvard University School of Public Health. Earlier this year, Governor Rick Perry appointed Dr. Wang to the Texas Medical Board (1).


Austin Heart boasts one of the largest clinical cardiology research programs in the world with more than 20 years of national and international research experience. Their physicians are currently involved in over 50 trials ranging from local investigator-initiated pilot studies to landmark multi-center international trials.


(1)  Comments and opinions expressed by Dr. Wang are his own and do not represent the Texas Medical Board or its proceedings.




In the News...   




Study examines how stem cells help stroke patients

August 29, 2011 - HOUSTON (KTRK)  Doctors are looking at a growing number of ways they can use adult stems cells, including how they can be used to help stroke victims even weeks after they've had the attack. UT Health Scientist Dr. Sean Savitz is conducting the study. The stem cells taken from a patient's bone marrow are injected into the carotid artery and then seem to jumpstart healing.

Watch News Coverage

About the Research Study 





Highlights from the Texans for Stem Cell Research Learn August Event LIVESTRONG HQ 


August 16th, 2011 - KXAN covered the August 16th Learn for Life  

education event at LIVESTRONG HQ hosted by Texans for Stem Cell Research (TSCR). TSCR provided the public the opportunity to learn about groundbreaking research in stem cell science and FDA approved clinical research.   


Roger S. Gammon, M.D., Medical Director of Research & Interventional Cardiologist with Austin Heart discussed the types, sources, and functions of stem cells and reviewed progress gained in using  stem cell treatments for vascular disease, heart attacks and limb restoration.  


Eddy Davis, golf professional, artist and cancer survivor shared  his personal experiences in battling lymphoma while being treated with stem cells. His personal story, " Stem Cells vs. Lymphoma: A View from the Trenches" was visually represented by Texas photographer, Wyatt McSpadden.  


Watch News Coverage Here

Read Full Press Release  

About the Research Study



The mesenchyme (green cells) surrounds the developing pancreas (red cells) and supports its growth. [Credit: L.Landsman/UCSF]

Fetal tissue plays pivotal role in formation of insulin-producing cells 

Discovery may lead to new ways of addressing diabetes.


September 6th, 2011 - A somewhat mysterious soft tissue found in the fetus during early development in the womb plays a pivotal role in the formation of mature beta cells the sole source of the body's insulin. This discovery, made by scientists at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Texas A&M University, may lead to new ways of addressing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  


This work provides researchers with an immediate tool for research and drug discovery. By identifying the chemicals that this tissue secretes, scientists may be able to create new beta cells in the body or in the test tube -- something currently beyond the reach of medical science.


Full News Release  

Neurosurgeons use adult stem cells to grow neck vertebrae


September 6th, 2011 - Millions of Americans are affected by spine diseases, with approximately 40 percent of all spinal fusion surgery performed for cervical spinal fusion.  Some 230,000 patients are candidates for spinal fusion, with the numbers of potential patients increasing by 2 to 3 percent each year as the nation's population ages. Spinal fusion is used following surgery for degenerative disc disease, where the cushioning cartilage has worn away, leaving bone to rub agains bone and herniated discs, where the discs pinch or compress nerves.  Neurosurgery researchers have used a new, leading-edge stem cell therapy to promote the growth of bone tissue following the removal of cervical discs -- the cushions between the bones in the neck -- to relieve chronic, debilitating pain.   Read Full News Release


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Special Announcements   



Texans for Stem Cell Research

6th Annual Singin' for Cures Fundraiser 

September 30th, 2011

6:30 PM - 10:30 PM


Historic Saengerrunde (next to Scholz Garten) 

1607 San Jacinto Boulevard


Featuring Special Guests:


Wise Young, PhD, MD

Don Reed

Roman Reed 


For more information & to RSVP  

Official Event Site /  Contact David to reserve tables





2011 Learn for Life Education Series  

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2011 Learn for Life   

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Texans for Stem Cell Research (TSCR) is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)3, volunteer organization dedicated to the advancement of stem cell clinical applications. We promote FDA approved clinical trials that have the potential for new novel clinical therapy approaches for treating the millions suffering from debilitating disease and injury. TSCR hosts education events and provides advocacy support to industry leaders, partner organizations, researchers and doctors conducting stem cell research in Texas.  TSCR assists the Texas based research teams and institutions by fostering strategic collaborations with potential partners.  Stem cell therapies are advancing with promising results in clinical trials and TSCR will continue to promote safe, ethical and responsible research to accelerate translational efforts in Texas.    

3112 Windsor Suite 106,  Austin, Texas 78703


You can help our organization continue to provide important education about promising stem cell research through your donations.  Your contributions provide support for our educational programs and advocacy efforts. We must keep our community informed about the importance of this research and it's potential to provide treatments and cures for diseases and debilitating injuries. You can now make a small gift through PayPal.  We thank you in advance for your support and hope you will join our growing organization.


We thank you in advance for your support and hope you will join our growing organization in 2011.  See you next month. 


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