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March 2011
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Congenital Heart Defects
Spinal Cord Injury
Drug Discovery
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Did you know? ...

Over 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year and stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States.  At this time, there is only one drug
 that is available as a treatment for someone who has suffered a stroke. Unfortunately, only 5% of these patients arrive to the hospital in time to receive it.  There is no argument that our doctors need additional options for treating stroke patients.


We are watching this area with great hope.  Our sincere appreciation goes out to Dr. Sean Savitz, a member of our Medical Advisory Committee, who recently presented exciting results from a preclinical research study. This particular animal study looked at the effects of one type of stem cell on the spleen and how the spleen may play a role in how stem cells promote recovery from stroke.  His work is moving the field in the right direction. We will keep you up to date on new developments. Be sure to see the article included in this newsletter. 


We are also proud to announce that our Learn for Life Series will continue at Antone's, "Austin's Home of the Blues," April  19th thanks to the generosity and coordination of Jessica Jarret and Sommer Novak, one of our hardest working advisory council members. Dr. Savitz will be speaking at this event. 


We are also honored that the Lance Armstrong Foundation will allow us to host an event at their Austin headquarters on August 16th.  We have another wonderful advisory council memeber , Megan Combs, to thank for coordinating this with Robert Ramos at the foundation.  


Additional information will be out to you in the coming weeks for both of these events.... Save the Dates!


We want to give you the chance to learn and interact with the many leaders in the stem cell community that we communicate with every day.  There are many opportunities for you to get involved and we hope to hear from you soon. 


Feel free to share our newsletter with your friends and family.  These are very exciting times for stem cell research.


Here comes Spring Fever, Texas!




David L. BalesChairman

Texans for Stem Cell Research   

Promising Therapy for Stroke Patients

Researchers From UT Health Present Preclinical Data Illustrating Potential Benefits of MultiStem(R) for Treating Stroke     

HOUSTON and LOS ANGELES, Feb. 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -Medical researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) presented new research results at the American Heart Association International Stroke Conference in February that demonstrated a novel stem cell therapy in development provided multiple benefits when administered in preclinical models of ischemic stroke. Researchers observed that intravenous administration one day after a stroke reduced inflammatory damage in the brain and resulted in a significant improvement in motor skills.  Principal investigator Sean I. Savitz, M.D said  "We are seeing a paradigm shift in the way some types of stem cells may enhance recovery from stroke... The stem cells may actually exert some of their effects on other organs such as the spleen." Read Full Release

 New Hope for Healing Little Hearts 

Stem Cell Research from Human Amniotic Fluid at Texas Children's

HOUSTON - (Feb. 18, 2011) -Texas Children's Hospital in Houston announces that a researcher in its Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering Laboratory has earned a National Science Foundation Early Career Development (CAREER) Award for his work in studying the causes of congenital heart disease, heart defects, and the development of tissue engineering therapies using stem cells derived from human amniotic fluid. The award comes with new funding of $450,000 to be spread over a five-year period.               Read Full Story

Stem Cells to Study Cancer


Badger Herald (Feb. 6, 2011)University of Wisconsin researchers have made another breakthrough in stem cell research, possibly leading them another step closer to finding a cure for cancers including leukemia. These findings could provide the foundation for a new research model and in theory allow scientists to see diseases develop from scratch. This is an important step because one of the major focuses of biomedical research is trying to eliminate cancer stem cells at their earliest possible stage.      Read Full Story

Adult Stem Cells from Human Brain Tissues Providing Hope for Spinal Cord Patients

"Imagine being able to close your hand again, or to pick up your child, or to walk next to your wife, it's so important."   ~ Roman Reed


KGO-TV San Francisco, CA (Mar. 1, 2011) - Roman Reed has never let go of the dream of walking again. He was paralyzed during a college football game in 1994 and he is now closely watching a new trial.  In a matter of days, a Bay Area company will launch a unique stem cell trial that could produce a major breakthrough. It may offer the first hope of someday freeing paralyzed patients from their wheelchairs. The company is using adult stem cells taken from human brain tissue.

                                           Read Full Story & Watch News Interview

Pioneers Discuss The First Clinical Trial for Spinal Cord Injury Using hESC

             "Advances in medicine are made in small steps, not quantum leaps. 

                   That being said, we've never had something like this before."  

                                                                   ~Gary K. Steinberg, MD, PhD


The Stanford Daily (Feb. 8, 2011) -  For the first time, researchers are using embryonic stem cells in a clinical trial to treat patients with spinal cord injuries. The trial strives to test whether these cells can be safely used to treat humans.This initial investigation of embryonic stem cells stands apart from prior trials, which have all relied on adult stem cells. If successful, it may be expanded to larger clinical trials. If this initial clinical trial proves to be safe, the FDA will approve further trials with a larger patient pool.  Read Full Story


Read the history of this landmark study from a patient perspective to understand what this study really means to those suffering a spinal cord injury.  "Clinical Trial of Hope at Stanford" -- guest blogger Roman Reed

Stem Cells Delivered Through the Nose Show Promise for Parkinson's Treatments
Stem Cells for Drug Discovery
Save the Dates... Upcoming Events
9th Annual International Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation Symposium     
Jun 23-25, 2011

San Francisco, California

Premier cord blood transplantation meeting, attracting physicians, researchers, cord blood bankers, laboratory personnel, nurses, patients and administrators from around the globe.   (Read More) 


Special Announcements  

Our sincere thanks to Beth McConnell and  10 Miles West  for the commitment to support Texans for Stem Cell Research again this year.  Beth donated countless hours to the event promotions and communications last year and is always willing to support our ever growing needs. Many of you have already received the "2011 Save-the-Date" bookmarks.  10 Miles West will also be developing and creating our 2nd Annual Educational Symposium Program and we look forward to including you or your companies in the final publication.            

We are pleased to announce Ranch Road Design will be an In-Kind donor, offering services that include designing event collateral this year.  Ranch Road plans to work closely with our organization on marketing the events to the public using innovative design and print.  Ranch Road is known for working with the community on local events, and we are proud they have chosen to be part of our cause.  "Ranch Road Design and Print is excited to be working with Texans for Stem Cell Research on their upcoming Education Series for 2011."  


For any questions about Ranch Road and its services, visit their website www.ranchroad.com or call 512.719.9999 

Texans for Stem Cell Research is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We continue to advocate for responsible public policy and promote the advancement of safe and effective stem cell research and therapy throughout Texas. We believe educating our citizens will allow Texas to regain its rightful place as a leader in stem cell medical research and treatments.  In order to provide quality education, we rely on your continued support and donations. If you are interested in 2011 sponsorship opportunites, please contact David L. Bales (512) 797-2703.   


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We are seeking donations for our 2011 Learn for Life Educational Series and Annual Symposium & Fundraiser featuring internationally recognized speakers and leaders in the most promising field of medicine today.  You can make a sustaining smaller gift each month or a one-time gift through our secure website donation page, cause page or by check.  With permission from our donors, we would like to acknowledge all contributions.  We thank you in advance for your support and hope you will join our growing organization in 2011.  





Texans for Stem Cell Research Team

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