As we come to a close of another year, we are both excited and grateful! With all of you along side of us, we look forward to a brand new year . Thank you for sticking with us and we are looking forward to accomplishing bigger and better things in 2012 together.
In the past year, we've overcome several obstacles. These include  organizational changes,  as well as both state and federal filings. Each obstacle brought us different opportunities and lessons.  The most important one was to "keep moving", no matter what! We were fortunate to welcome some excellent talent on our team and have acquired some much-needed equipment to improve CHES US and CHES Haiti communication. We have also successfully negotiated and delivered our first consulting contract in Central Haiti, how exciting! Best of all, we were able to hold several events and campaigns, enabling us to bond with you!

As we head into the new year, we're excited about the events we are planning and hope you'll come and support. Finally, as our relationships with Haitian entrepreneurs continue to grow, we will prepare to move forward in supplying them with necessary funds. We are looking to strengthen and equip ourselves as an organization. In particular, we are looking to provide CHES Haiti the knowledge and tools it needs to be increasingly effective in matching talent and business plans.

If you donated time, talents or money, thank you! If you attended any of our events,
thank you. If you simply read our messages, send us a word of encouragement or forwarded along an email, again thank you! For your loyalty and continued support, we are infinitely grateful. We wish the best for you and your family during this holiday season and new year.


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CHES Consulting!
CHES consulted on agriculture for the first time in Pilate, Haiti for a Haitian Diaspora land owner who resides in the US. The first week of August this year, three CHES employees headed to the Central Plateau of Haiti to survey this individual's property and educate the employees on basic agricultural methods that aid in crop maximization. The proprietor received a full report of activities, results and needs analysis. Below is a brief testimonial from our client:

"There is a strong relationship between growth in agricultural productivity and development. Development is the growth of the production of goods and services. The quality of the work in the agricultural sector along with the institutions and the government policy will foster the growth of the farms in Haiti.
The teachings of CHES agricultural experts are crucial.  Low agricultural productivity has been a key reason why Haiti is so poor. CHES's efforts to increase the production in the agricultural sector in Haiti along with their efforts to disseminate technological innovations through education are highly appreciated." - Dr. P. Pean 

CHES is pleased to share that all parties were satisfied with the quality of service provided and has been invited back to provide consulting services in Pilate. Proceeds from consulting activities, go towards the organization's operating costs to help ensure that as much as possible of donations made go to Haiti. For inquiries regarding agricultural consulting services, email


Haitian Women to Start-up
Food Depot in Limbe Haiti

Wilnose Andrevil, a Haitian entreprWilnose & OGFLeneur, is representing and leading a group of female entrepreneurs. Currently, CHES is helping them  strengthening their business plan for a food depot in Limbe, Northern Haiti. This idea is under serious consideration for funding and the plan is to run a series of campaigns in 2012 solely for this project. 

Helping to start-up businesses and creating jobs is at the heart of CHES' existence. In the years of operation, CHES has helped several entrepreneur's review and reshape their business plans. CHES' role is to ensure the feasibility of business plans, fund-raise for the right plans, audit and support these new enterprises through their infant stages. Your donations support that process, and in turn our mission.


Upcoming CHES Events...
To celebrate the holidays, we invite you to an afternoon of fun and food Please join us: 
CHES Holiday Gathering 
Saturday, December 17, 2011
1-3 PM  
Kafe Kreyol 
299 Main St, Everett, MA 02149 
$10 for Haitian food and drink


Get Ready!


Impact Comedy Show: Round 2

Sunday, January 15, 2012

5:30 - 8:30 PM

SoundBites Restaurant

704 Broadway, Somerville, MA