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CHES is Going to Haiti Once Again
We Need Your Help!
We are pleased to announce that we are going to Haiti once again! On this trip, CHES US and CHES Haiti will be reuniting to get some work done. We will be evaluating the progress of the various business projects that we started last summer and make adjustments accordingly. We are planning to involve in some community service in areas such as the tent camps as well as hosting a community building event in the northern region of Haiti. CHES will also be branching out further throughout the country to create networks and identify opportunities for future projects.
We will be accompanied by Whit Verkade of Excalibur Food Dehydrators once again as well Shawn Hauserman of Bentley University. Shawn will be teaching a class on Haiti in the Fall semester of 2010 and again we have been CHES is privileged to have been chosen to be a subject of their class. Bentley student will be contributing to our efforts once again by helping us draft a 5 year strategic plan.
Now more than ever, Haiti needs us. Haiti needs CHES and we need YOU! We have some specific needs that we as well as the people of Haiti would be most grateful if you responded to.
  • CHES Haiti needs a computer, wireless card, camera and video recorder.
  • CHES Haiti needs tropical fruits and vegetable seeds for the agricultural project.
Thank you in advance,
Rebecca Obounou 
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