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Secure your Residence

COPE in 2010
Dear friends,
With the recent success of our Business Continuity Forum, we will be planning for a 3rd Forum in 2011.  For the remainder of this year we will be planning this event and a Map Your Neighborhood set for October.  Expect our regular newsletter with tips to keep your family aware and prepared!
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Disasters don't take a Summer Vacation
Prepare your family for a safe and fun summer season!

Before Leaving . .  . Secure Your Residence

  • Have good locks on all doors and windows and use them.

  • Make sure your residence looks lived in, not empty.

  • Leave shades and blinds in a normal position.

  • Ask a neighbor to watch your residence while your are away. Leave your vacation address and telephone number with a neighbor so you can be reached in case of an emergency.

  • Test your smoke and burglar alarms.

  • Stop all deliveries, arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail, newspaper and packages.

  • Arrange for someone to mow your lawn, rake leaves and maintain the yard to give the home a lived-in look.

  • Have a neighbor place garbage cans at the curb on your normal pickup day(s) and return them after the garbage pickup is made.

  • Plug in timers to turn lights and a radio or television on and off at appropriate times.

  • Turn the bell or ringer on your telephone down low. If a burglar is around, he won't be alerted to your absence by a ringing telephone.

  • If you have call forwarding on your telephone, forward your calls to a trusted friend or relative.

  • Don't announce your absence on answering machine messages; leave your normal message on the machine.

  • Engrave your valuables with your driver's license number/

  • Post identification decals on entry doors and windows.

  • Close and lock garage doors and windows. Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway. If you leave your car at home, park it as you normally would. Vehicles parked outside should be moved occasionally to appear that they are being used.

  • Consider taking valuables to a bank safety deposit box.

On the Road
Whenever planning a road trip, basic vehicle maintenance is a must prior to departure. At a minimum, checks should include the following:

  • Tires, spare and tire changing equipment
  • Oil levels and transmission fluids
  • Brakes and tow packages
  • Water lines and gas lines
  • Batteries, generators and electrical systems.

Car Security

  • Always lock your car after entering or leaving it.

  • Park in well-lighted areas.

  • Check the back seat before entering your car.

  • Mark your car radio and other removable car equipment with your driver's license number.

  • Always lock valuables out of sight, preferably in the trunk. Always carry wallet, checkbooks and purses with you.

  • Do not advertise that you are a tourist. Place maps and travel brochures in your vehicle's glove compartment.

Hotel and Motel Security

  • If you are staying in a hotel or motel, take all of your luggage and valuables to your room.

  • Never leave money, checks, credit cards, car keys or valuables in the room.

  • Determine the most direct route to and from your room, to the fire escapes, elevators and nearest telephone.

  • When occupying or leaving your room, use all auxiliary locking devices on doors and windows. (You may want to purchase a portable door lock for traveling.)

  • Keep a daily check of your belongings.

  • Place extra cash and expensive jewelry in the hotel/motel safe.

  • Open your door only if you are certain the person has a legitimate reason to enter your room. If in doubt, call the hotel/motel office.

  • Unpack and place belongings in the closet and dresser. Arrange your things so you'll know if anything is missing.

  • Consider locking any electrical appliances (blow dryers, electric shavers, etc.) in your luggage. Suitcases should always be locked so they cannot be used to carry your property out of your room.

Enjoy your holiday vacation plans and celebrations with your loved ones!

Lonna Calhoun, CEM
COPE Preparedness