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COPE Preparedness Mission:

"Promoting Emergency Preparedness through Proactive Community Outreach"

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Lessons we can learn!


What we have seen of the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and recent earthquakes in New Zealand, Chili and Haiti is heartbreaking, shocking and frightening but it should also be motivating.  It should motivate us to take responsibility to prepare our households, our businesses and our communities to be ready. We too sit on the Ring of Fire and we  are very vulnerable but we have the opportunity to take protective action.


Studies show that after events of this magnitude people think about what they need and should do.....but as time passes motivation reverts to the background of our minds and we often slip backwards into dangerous procrastination.


ACT NOW to get prepared!  It's not that difficult - start with the basics. 


WATER, FOOD, SHELTER, FIRST AID!  Have a Family Plan, an Out of State Contact, a Business Plan; protect your documents and technology with back up systems.  Make a list and start now to do something each day until you  have done your best to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones and your assets.


What else can you do?  Take classes in emergency training. COPE Preparedness is offering quarterly Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) programs to help organize our communities into a cohesive preparedness plan.  CERT classes are also available in the community.  Volunteer with COPE Preparedness to help make your community safer.   


Help Victims! Donate to the Red Cross or an organization of your choice.


There is a wealth of preparedness information available.  Follow these links and others on the COPE Preparedness website.  


"Just Do it!", then sleep tight!   

 Informational Sites

Emergency Network Los Angeles (ENLA)  

Southern California Earthquake Center 

Dare to Prepare  

Ready America/Ready Business/Ready Kids  

California Emergency Services Association  

American Red Cross 

Salvation Army 

Humane Society 




City of Los Angeles


 Emergency Preparedness Department
 Community Emergency Response Team
 Los Angeles Police Department
 Los Angeles Police Protective League
 Los Angeles Fire Department
 Los Angeles Port Police


State of California
 International Association of Emergency Managers
 National Emergency Management Association
 Governor's Office of Emergency Services
 Department of Insurance


Federal Government


 Emergency Management Agency
 Environmental Protection Agency
 Fire Administration
 Center for Disease Control & Prevention
 National Flood Insurance Program  (Spanish site)   

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Special Needs include:

Email Marketing, Social Media Monitoring, Community Fairs, MYN organizers, Fund-raising, Web Page Management, Volunteer Management, Response Activities and more


Be Aware and Be Prepared!

 Lonna Calhoun 

Lonna Calhoun, CEM
COPE Preparedness