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The bees are busy making honey,

Society is buzzing to make more money.

And me............

I just hope the day is sunny,

And someone tells me something funny.

  Lavender Lady

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"Coincidences are spiritual puns."(G. K. Chesterton)

Ask Sharon.

Dear Sharon. I was looking at your different readings and I noticed that you have Akashic Records. What is the difference between an Akashic Record Reading and a General Reading. I look forward to receiving your newsletter thank you. Beth

Dear Beth. Thank you so much for writing. Akashic Records are the place where every emotion, thought, deed, etc. in your life is stored. An Akashic Record reading is more of a spiritual reading than a general reading. It is gentle. It is a great to have an Akashic Record Reading when you are feeling lost and looking for a sign on how to move forward.

Abundant Blessings to you, Sharon
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Eryn provided us with a witty column on clutter. Perfect timing for sure. Eryn is a wonderful medium and you can visit her website here  Spirit Connections.

Dust Bunnies

April is here, and just saying the word "APRIL" out loud puts a spring in my step. Speaking of spring, as I looked around my house within the last week I realized that my house is in need of a good spring clean. Upon closer inspection I noticed that not only had a little dust crept up on me, but also small piles of miscellaneous items seemed to be everywhere. CLUTTER!. How could have I let this happen?. As I began to further investigate these small piles, I wondered how I could have ignored this and allowed this "clutter" to lurk the way it has. It had stood still, quiet, and almost seemed to blend in and go unnoticed for so long, but now it seemed to be taunting me from corners of shelves to flat out mocking me from the kitchen counter. The nerve.

It was time, time to face "clutter" in the eye and demand not only my space back but to reclaim order in my house and in my life. I felt surrounded, and intimidated at first but I knew it was the right thing to do, it was now spring and a perfect time to start anew and fresh. I needed to allow fresh energy to blow in and stagnant energy to blow out.  I was powered by confidence and conviction; "clutter" didn't stand a chance. Yes, "clutter" did put up a great fight, it was touch and go there for a while but "clutter" was defeated. "Clutter" I hope you learned your lesson.... now I must rest up....I hear those "Dust Bunnies" are relentless.

                                         Eryn - Spirit Connections

Spring is here! What a delight. Lots of changes in the air for sure.
With this Newsletter I am sending along blessings for wonderful changes to come your way.
I'm feeling the need to do some sort of cleansing. How much stuff do we really need I'm thinking. Eryn has written a  funny column for us on Clutter.
I came across a great saying on a website and it is "Love your Now". It's my new mantra. If we can love our now our future will be magical for sure.
 Love & Blessings to you, Sharon 
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I've added a section to the newsletter called Betwixt and Between.

This section is going to be about thoughts of mine and I wanted to call it Betwixt and Between because that is such a great expression. It can mean so much.

To me it's that place before I act. It's the place when I should be still and let be. It's the launching point to new things. Sometimes I am a bit hard headed and find it hard to make choices unless the Universe holds me down and says "Choose Now".

Sure it's considered a "rock" and a "hard place" but what new things can we make happen from this place of choice.

I was thinking a lot this week about how we reach out and give our power to others and then when our faith is standing there waiting for us to ask and call on it  we turn our backs on that too.

We always need someone to blame to make it not our fault entirely. What shame that would be.

Forgiveness is the key here.

 "If only that happened" "If only you were different" "If only" "If only".

As Esther Hicks says in her book The Vortex our "Source" loves us unconditionally no matter what we do or say or accomplish. Source is our cheering section even when we do something that in the eyes of "normal" might not be looked upon as "right".

From my experiences Faith is there the strongest when I'm in the most impossible pickle of a situation. Sure it takes standing back and gathering enough strength to see it at this time but even if it holds me up until I can see clearly back to who I am then it is surely a place to be.

Last week I received an email from a client and at the bottom she wrote:

"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today." William Allen White

This quote gave me what to say when I reach for my Faith in times of impossibilities.

Thank you dear friend for this quote in my life and for being you.

Dear Friends if you are feeling down remember the things you worried about yesterday probably didn't come to pass so "don't worry be happy" as worry seems to be a wasted emotion and one that only goes out there and creates more worry. If you can't let it go completely then at least recognize how it feels and switch the feeling to something that feels good. Send out blessings onto your path vs. rocks of worry.

Be Happy,  Sharon                    

Angiemae so graciously provided our recipe for this newsletter. Thank you Angiemae.

 "A Taste Explosion of Health"

Equal parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1/2 cup) and White Wine (1/2 cup)
3 cloves of pressed garlic
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/8 crushed chili peppers
1 tsp of  Italian herbs (combo spice)
any number of fresh vegetables desired
pasta of your choice
This is a really simple and healthy recipe that everyone I have served LOVES! 
Take your equal parts Extra Virgin Oil and White Wine and whisk them together. Press your garlic into the mixture and bring to a gentle boil. Add the salt, pepper and chili peppers. Stir the sauce often to ensure the ingredients don't separate.
Put on the pot to boil your water for the pasta (as much as you like). While the water is working up to its boil chop up your preferred vegetables (ie. broccoli, peppers, zucchini, onions, tomatoes etc..). Once the water has boiled insert the pasta and cook until desired tenderness. Once the pasta goes in the pot, steam or sweat (your choice) the fresh vegetables until desired tenderness. Once the pasta is ready, serve the pasta into dishes, spoon the desired amount of vegetables on top of the pasta and drizzle the sauce over top.  As this is an oil based sauce, the sauce will go a long way. Be sure not to put on too much. I find 2-3 tbsp is enough for one dish.
Serve and enjoy! 
Don't be afraid to adjust this recipe however you like. Some people prefer more garlic, others less. Make it how YOU like it and have some fun with cooking. Having fun is how I made up this recipe and now my husband asks for it all of the time :)
This fun article is written by my Niece who has the sweetest little daughter named Phoebe Sunshine. Thanks Kris for the article and thanks Phoebe for being You!

My daughter's name is Phoebe Sunshine, and it suits her perfectly. She's the most social, friendly, outgoing almost-3 year old you'll ever meet, and she brightens up any room the moment she walks through the door. Her favourite place on Earth is Starbucks.

Every morning when I ask her what she wants to do that day, she always replies "First we'll go to Starbucks... ". I've tried suggesting we go to Tim Horton's (since it's a lot easier on my wallet!), but she knows what she likes, and she likes Starbucks. All the staff adore her and know her by name. She has a seat at the bar where she likes to sit, and the staff put her food there without even asking where she'll be sitting. Recently, a new employee started work, and Phoebe was introduced to him as "one of our regulars". She has even kissed
the cashier and told her that they were best friends.

Our Starbucks has a little chalkboard on the counter called "Customer Creations". It seems that every week, they choose a special customer and ask them what their favourite item is, and that customer gets their pick written on the board. Last week, Phoebe was the chosen one, and her pick - a HUGE apple fritter. Can't go wrong with that!

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This Article is written by a dear friend and well known Psychic Zsuzsana. Thanks Zsuzsana.  

Spirit Communication

We on this earthly plane, who communicate with those who have crossed
over, are likened to a verbal "light in the window" for the spiritual world.

If you vacationed in a foreign land and didn't know
the language, it would be quite the frustrating holiday.

Discovering one voice though, that speaks your
parlance, makes the excursion well worth your travels.

Spirits suffer this same dilemma, but, are joyous when
your voice means connection, and "a light in the window."

 It isn't necessary to be a psychic to communicate with the citizens of the spirit realm. Speaking to non-physical beings, like ghosts, does usually require communication aids though. Tools then, such as dowsing rods, digital equipment, and other things, enhance the connection between us, easing difficulties and aiding communication.

Being psychic, or having some sensitivity to non-physical energies (spirit or other), is just another tool to assist in bridging the gap. These tools, metaphysical and other, are not communication devices themselves; they are aids toward detection, clarification, confirmation, and positive communication experiences. You are the communication device!

There is a similar principle involved when speaking with a person using a foreign language interpreter. When they speak, their reply is translated by the interpreter into something that can be understood by you. Psychic ability, dowsing rods, digital equipment...these are interpretive helpers for spirit communication.

Even though spirits of those who have crossed over do have other destinations available to them, most spirits who reside or stay on the physical plane do so because they want to communicate with the living.

Their individual reasons for staying close in the afterlife are as varied and diverse as they once were in life.

Most spirits know that they have passed on, and simply want to comfort and reassure the living that death isn't the end. Some spirits become confused by their new status, and linger nearby the areas they visited in life, hoping to find someone to explain what has happened to them.

Some are simply curious, some are resistant to change and transition, some feel that it wasn't time to go, or that they weren't ready to leave.

A few ghosts, having deep spiritual beliefs, are aware that they have passed, but are unable to move on because of a lack of proper ceremony or rites that would allow them to fully cross over.

Our human awareness and interaction with the universe is almost exclusively based on our physical senses. If you are looking to prove or disprove Spiritual Existence, then you are in for frustration and argument. Proof of the existence of spirits and of the spirit world is difficult to come by for good reason: Spirits are not physically in the world, so their interactions with the world tend to be abstract, esoteric or obscure...relatively easy to misunderstand. Anyone can believe or disbelieve in the world of the spirit, with or without evidence. Belief isn't proof; but even with proof people rarely change their beliefs.

Talking with the spirits can only enliven and enrich your life. If you do not believe, then you, and the spirits, are missing out on a rare and wonderful experience.

 Excerpted from A Ghost Hunter's Guide by Sandie La Nae , edited by Zsuzsana Summer

pub. 2010 (c) TnT Publishing, Sandie La Nae and Zsuzsana Summer. A Ghost Hunter's Guide is available at All rights reserved.

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