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Lilly Here... 


Have you heard of those weird ghost stories?


Have you encountered any ghosts yet?


If you have deceased in your family they might want to communicate with you.


If you are sensitive to subtle energy ghosts might try to get your attention.


The other night I had a ghost encounter, in fact it was ghost gathering in my kitchen ... It was kinda scary at first ... Read here what happened:






Past Lives Trauma...


Did you know that Past Lives unresolved issues might be carried into this present life?


For example if you are continuously fatigue it might be related to your soul getting tired of unfinished business from previous lives?

Weight problems could be an issue from the past that is transfered into this life? A lot of people experience difficulties between past lives personalities and this life...


Listen here about past lives issues and a very powerful question to use to heal past lives problems









Full Moon (Libra) Transmission: April 6th at 12:00 pm PDT


Mercury retrograde was slowing down some parts of our lives this time but amped up other areas of life like learning, researching, going deep within.


Do you feel it?


Mercury turned direct on April 4th that means we'll feel more relief. However some of us will still have to be patient for 2-3 weeks as Post Retrograde can pick up or gain speed but still moving slowly.


This coming full moon is in Libra/Aries. Will be sending a moon transmission on Friday April 6 at 12:00 pm PDT.


Full Moon in Libra helps balancing the energies that Mercury retrograde brought to the surface.


Please tune in so you can clean more residual issues surfaced during this past Mercury Retrograde.




Messages from the Last Moon Transmission to be applied the Spring of 2012

The entire last Moon transmission work was about protection. A lot of us are very empathic (feeling others feelings, sensing others energies) and during periods of Mercury retrograde when energies go nuts, we can feel overwhelmed.


The transmission keywords:

Protection, discipline, self esteem


Messages received during transmission:


" Allow yourself time to breath. The envy, criticism and negativity from others can be transmuted into high frequencies by being aware"

"Be prepared for any kind of weather ahead."

"Build a healthy protection"

"Set Healthy Boundaries"

"Know your empathic levels. Know the difference between your energy and others' energies."

"Stay awake, stay calm, stay present in the middle of the storm. 2012 is an intense year! "

"Rise and Go to bed with a prayer"

"It's okay and healthy to say "NO" to people if it doesn't serve yours or their level of excellence. You mean well and your "NO" will serve them and also serve you well. This way both of you will learn the lesson of responsibility."

"Feel strong and comfortable in your solar plexus."




Upcoming events: Peru Journey in July. Stay Tuned.







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